A Week in Tees: Day 4

Traveling is always crazy when it comes to my wardrobe. Thank goodness for some basic tees! I’m kind of dying over this striped Stylemint top. With the multi-colors, you can easily pair it with a great pair of skinnies and instantly feel chic. This plum pair of jeans are a lot more lively than the classic dark wash. It’s also what I wore during my flight from NYC to LA. It’s low key, comfortable, yet still colorful and fun. The only thing I packed that probably weighed more than anything was my jewelry collection. I swear everywhere I travel, I bring this big bag full of rings and necklaces. Never knowing what piece I’ll end up wanting to wear with a specific look, I go a bit nuts and pack them all. A problem? Definitely. Anyways, I’m back in California and have been getting a lot of work done, yet still giving myself time to relax. I’m addicted to jasmine tea, as is everyone in my family! I guess that’s what happens when half of your family is Chinese. Somehow I’m always a bit healthier when home as all there is in the cupboards are natural foods and veggies. With that, I might as well get back in the Cali groove by biking and of course, YOGA. My friends and I already plan on doing it right on the beach. Oh so typical here on the west coast. Christmas is just around the corner, time to do things right!

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  1. Niki says:

    I LOVE this striped tee!

    I’ve been meaning to pop by your blog sooner to say hello, but I’m an asshole and totally forgot until I was perusing my blog roll today. Anyway it was a pleasure meeting you during FW and at the Genetic Denim event. Hope to see ya around again!

    Happy Holidays!

    x Niki from A Haute Mess


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