Knocksteady TV Video Interview

I recently did a video interview for Knocksteady TV, hosted by the adorable Angela of the fashion site, Benches and Chandeliers. I felt very comfortable having her interview me in my home! The whole crew was so sweet! They followed me around these past few months, documenting a bit of my journey as a model and a blogger. It is a little sneak peek into my life, covering details to the current and future projects I am working on! Enjoy!

Watch the video here:

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  1. Hannah says:

    Lovely interview 🙂 you seem so down-to-earth and friendly 🙂 such a talented singer too! Wish you all the best in all your future projects, Natalie!

  2. Renée says:

    So fun to watch this video and get to know you a little bit better, you look like a beautiful and sweet person and I hope that all your dreams and goals will come true! You’re doing amazing! xo

  3. Jordana Lilly says:

    Natalie! This is so cool! Congratulations! <3 You are right, you do seem very natural. First time stopping by your blog, &I gotta say – I love it! I find it very cool that you and your sister are able to share the blogging experience with eachother. I will def be stalking in the future! haha.

    xx Jordana

  4. Preppy Fashionist says:




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