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I’ve been spending a lot of my free time around the house and neighborhood. I’ve been taking bike rides nearly everyday. I went on a 9 mile one yesterday and I think my legs are about to fall off! I love that outdoor activities put you in the deepest sleep though. I decided to be super comfortable today in an oversized vintage shirt and”jeggings.” I really think that term is being used more often and just maybe, one day, be in the dictionary…well, urban dictionary. These are made by SOLD Design Lab. I’m in love with the tight, skinny fit. It has a denim look but feels supersoft, like leggings. Perfect for relaxed days like today. And as you know, I’ve been on the hunt for new designer jewelry. I lucked out and discovered these Brooklyn Thread woven wrap bracelets! I love leather wrap arounds that you can wear everday. The details are so pretty, made with real silver/gold and Czech glass beads. I’m a huge fan of this New York based designer. The pieces are perfect and I don’t think I’m taking them off anytime soon!

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  1. Joana Malagueira says:

    Thank you so much my dear!
    Oh geez, I just noticed that I posted one photo of you on my tumblr cause I saw it on lookbook and loved it. And now you found me here, ahah!
    You are so so pretty! xo


  2. Wardrobe Wars says:

    You look great in double denim! I think that the key to this trend is finding two shades of denim that compliment eachother – these pieces definitely do just that!
    I found your blog today and am loving reading through your posts. You have great personal style that comes through in all of your outfits.
    Check out our blog if you get a chance, we’d love your feedback – follow if you like what you see.


  3. Morning Cloak says:

    I looked at those pants twice, because I was like how in the hell do they fit her so well? Of course the jeggings! But I feel like these have the pockets and details to disguise them well as jeans. So not a fan of the ones that have the elastic waistband and have no pockets or zippers.. those tend to look like pregnancy pants to me haha.

    Also, that lip color is MAC Morange. You should try it! It’s a refreshing to try a little orange. And I don’t model… not that I wouldn’t love to. Any tips? 🙂


  4. denise says:

    this outfit is amazing! love the laidback-ness and that denim top is great. did you fold up the front or was it cropped like that? looks like an easy DIY though! awesome

  5. Caotica Lucie says:

    Hey natalie!
    Thanks for passing by my blog and for your nice comment!
    I’ve been taking a look to yours and your outfits are….AMAZING! You’re gorgeous and definately you’ve got a STYLE!
    Hope to see you around the blogger world! 🙂


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