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I have been hitting up the Goodwill’s around LA recently and just happen to score amazing stuff everytime. I ran into this vintage Yves Saint Laurent blouse in Santa Monica and these high-waisted shorts in the SF Valley. Together, they make up the ultimate summer ensemble that allows me to move freely anywhere, anytime. Most of my jewelry is vintage, but I like to mix in my rings from Forever 21 and Obey. But, I’m constantly on the look out for new designer pieces. Hope you enjoy these funky photos!

Overall, my weekend was pretty chill. I went on a really long 5 mile hike with one of my best friends (whom I’m hoping to photograph for my blog!). I did get a nice light tan and some really sore muscles! But it feels so good to get out there in the mountains and just sweat all your toxins out! My friends and I also went to Ventura Beach to read and relax. Right now, I’m reading Lolita which I totally recommend. I’ve just been releasing a ton of energy which feels great and refreshing. That’s what I love about summer, the endless opportunities to enjoy yourself!

I try to use some of my time browsing the latest lookbooks of all my favorite designers as well. Here, I have brand spankin new images of Z Berg of The Like, and model Hailey Gates for Wren! Wren’s soft fabrics and darling prints always keep me coming back for more. The cuts and shapes are my favorite. Girl-y with a little masculinity thrown in. It’s no wonder girls like Z Berg and Hailey Gates are the faces for their latest collection. It girls + Wren make the perfect combination! Check out some of my favorite looks from the collection!

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  1. Roz says:

    I’ve always wanted to go round a thrift store in America, to copare it with the British Charity Shop!
    Great YSL shirt – I once found a really nice striped YSL men’s polo shirt in a charity shop, it is so comf.
    But nothing beats silk shirts for versatility!

    Great lookbook images, I like the cuts and slight childhood nostalgia aesthetic.

  2. Julls says:

    Great finding ! You are very lucky with Goodwill.I always say to my friends that whenever I`ll arrive in USA, the first thing I will do – go shopping in Goodwill 🙂

  3. Jill says:

    really great outfit, classic. congrats on all your model work that is super amazing. great stuff in f21.

    thanks for checking out my blog that means a lot esp. from a big time fashion model like yourself.

  4. says:

    Hi Natalie,
    thanks for visiting my blog.
    i love too your pics and blog.
    tomorrow i will write about Paris Fashion week (fashion show and parties).
    if it interesting you can follow me.
    Let me know.
    great work. i know your work because my girlfriend is a booker to the most important agency in Milan (my next, next post i will write about model agency,from casting to editorial, from fashion show to fitting or show room.)
    Nicola FreshONpr


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