Korean Cool

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Blouse and Jacket: Storets.com, Trouser: Bebe, Shoes: Bally

I have heard nothing but good things about Korean made clothing. They’re always unique, a little bit quirky, and are of great quality. Korean online store, Storets.com, is a perfect example. They’ve got some really cool pieces designed for everyday wear. This blouse is totally my style: anything sheer, polka-dots, and with a loose fit I’m all for. And I love how this jacket is sort of a remake of the Rick Owens one that I’ve been eying recently, but obviously a lot more affordable and wearable! This line really makes me want to take a trip to Korea so badly! One of my best friends recently went there and said the fashion was insane! I’m keeping that place in mind for my next travel destination for sure.

Also, check out the new label that’s taken a spot on my sidebar! Kisami, based in the UK, really impressed me with their ability to create feminine, flowy clothes that still has an edge to them. It is super high-end chic but at really great prices. Their stuff is like a combination of Chloe and Miu Miu. Sounds tasty eh? Check out their store and facebook page for amazing discounts!

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And guess what?!, I’m back to spending more time on the guitar. Maybe there will be a new video post coming soon? And I’ve got an exciting fashion collaboration that I’ll be working on! Busy busy busy. But stay tuned!

131 Responses to Korean Cool

  1. Lucy says:

    I love the blouse!! It fits you so well and the color is amazing!!

    Yay!! I can’t wait to see more of your videos, you have really big talent for singing!!

  2. beeble says:

    love your outfit. im korean and i highly recommend that you visit seoul (capital) for the markets, so simple to blag bargains there for high quality stuff- certain you wont be dissappointed. i look forward to your next post, i play bass and acoustic (:

  3. Kayla Leigh says:

    hey natalie, thanks for checking out my blog/commenting. i really enjoy your blog, not to mention your style, so i decided to post a picture link to your site under my “favourite reads” heading on my blog. hope this is ok, email me at:laughliketangerine@gmail.com

    look forward to hearing from you.

  4. Candice says:

    i’ve never heard of storets though i shop korean clothing quite often.
    you should try g-market if you’re looking for really cheap and pretty clothes and shoes!

  5. t.g.s says:

    i agree korean stuff are just so cute
    i wanna go there one day
    love your top i’m so in to polka dots at the moment haha
    ooh you play guitar? so do i!
    can’t wait to see this collaboration

  6. sarisafari says:

    Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    I really like your blog (and this outfit hehe) and I’m following you 😉 And you have so many comments! I wonder how you keep track.

  7. Jonesy says:

    O i love the jacket! so cute

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  8. goodbyestockholm says:

    This is funny, ’cause today I’ve been thinking about what my wardrobe lacks and came to conclusion that a sheer blouse will make me forever happy (well, till I come up with some other essential). Thanx for the tip, will check the store out for sure.

  9. caylee says:

    i can’t pass up a good oversized blouse either! the pairing of this polka dot one with the blazer looks amazing on you. i’m going to have to check out storets.com!

  10. Lady chic says:

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