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One final recap from our Costa Rica trip earlier this year. I can’t believe that was almost 4 months ago! I still remember that trip like it happened yesterday though. What an amazing experience it was with my sister Dylana, our friend Kiara and her boyfriend Mike. We spent the first half of our time in Costa Rica staying at the Four Seasons Peninsula Papagayo. My favorite part of our stay there was the easy access to the beach and the unlimited opportunities to get adventurous in the water. We surfed, we paddle boarded, zip lined and jet skied our way through our part of Costa Rica. We went wild, and we got tan, and we danced to local music. It was such a freeing experience. But although we were adventurous most of the time we did get to relax for a little bit, too. Massages and some time at the hydro therapy spa. My body felt renewed. I wish I could go back and relive it all again. And again. And again.

Well, at least now I can with this video we made with footage from our trip. Check it out below and follow my YOUTUBE. Filmed by Mike Bish


Dresses by Gentle Fawn

Shoes by Teva

VILLA CORA | Florence


The Hotel Villa Cora is indeed one of my favorite places to stay in Florence, Italy. My bright yellow room was quirky, bold, and so incredibly chic! There was so much character. I never wanted to hop out of that gigantic bed. Even my bathroom and tub was a beautiful hue of mustard yellow! Now I just want everything in this happy, eclectic shade. Our stay felt a lot like a movie. It easily could make for a Wes Anderson film set. Everything was symmetrical. Everything came in pairs. The lamps, the end tables, the chairs. Everything centered and perfectly placed. It’s funny how I notice my surroundings. I picture everything as a photograph. But I guess that’s a good thing when it comes to my field of work. Plush pillows. Luxe curtains. Morning breakfasts overlooking the steaming outdoor pool lined with Roman statues. This is one place where you will feel just like a queen. The best thing about traveling is enjoying the hotel. Then comes the food. Then comes the fashion. Florence made me want to cuddle up in a beret, scarf, and my hotel slippers. Dylana filmed this little short story at the lovely, Hotel Villa Cora. And what a pleasant stay it was.

See more of my little films on my Youtube.

florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-5florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-6florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-3florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-4florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-9florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-7florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-16florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-18florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-15florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-13florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-19florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-10florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-8florence-villa-cora-natalie-off-duty-20// Ganni silk tank, Ax + Apple necklaces and bracelets, Love Haus underwear //



I have lately been obsessed with Nancy Sinatra. Hearing “These Boots Were Made for Walking” in a Brooklyn bar moved me the other night. I couldn’t stop playing her tunes. Here I am dancing, shot by my amazing sister Dylana, singing my own rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s BANG BANG. Recorded with my guitar in my bathroom today. My favorite way to do it in my opinion. Bare bones.

Dylana has been making this series of beautiful videos featuring all of our friends doing what they love most. For me, it’s dancing, pretty dresses, and singing soulful tunes. I am excited to take part in the first clip! She always makes magic in front of or behind the lens. Love you sis.


Filmed by Dylana Suarez. Music by me. 

Dress by Cleobella. 

Follow along on YOUTUBE.



How did summer just happen to fly by? Summer for me was all about adventuring, living out of a suitcase, and fully soaking in the present moment. With eyes wide open and an open heart. In Nicaragua, I had my GoPro permanantely glued to my hand. Documenting every lovely moment. From diving into the crashing waves of Playa Maderas to being stranded on the beautiful Jicaro Island. Romantic. Beautiful. Breathtaking. Watch the video below. You may also catch a little glimpse into my forever growing bikini collection. Enjoy.

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song: Explosions by City of the Sun.


Because there’s still room for a tan on a winter holiday:

// Ace & Jig dress | We are Handsome cover-up | Reef sneakers | Vitamin A bikini //