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With black, it seems like anything really goes. Dress over jeans? No problem. My California diaries continues. Living out of a suitcase sometimes when I’m on the go for work forces you to experiment. Sometimes I’m away from my home in NYC for over 2 weeks! I had this silk dress hanging in my closet, but for hiking through the back streets of my home town, a good pair of western flares was just what I needed. Cuffed at the edges with a crazy metallic statement shoe. My hometown is a little cowboy town. Cactus everywhere. Ranch style homes. Horses living life up behind the hills. It’s a quiet and mellow place. So hot in the summer you have to crank your aircon so high topped off with a sip of iced lemonade. The left side of your arm super tan from driving in the hot, bright sun. Yet, it’s so cold in the winters you’re literally curling up in your wool sweaters with a hot chocolate. But there’s something I love about being so far out…close to the desert. Let’s just say things are always a lot less complicated.


// Ganni silk dress, All Saints jacket, Hudson jeans, Kenneth Cole boots //



You know how much the Suarez Sisters love our Teva sandals! They hold so many memories for us. From our crazy road trips through the south from New Orleans to Alabama and Tennessee, to those muddy days camping out at Bonnaroo. Oh, and we cannot forget hiking through the jungles of Costa Rica. I can count on them for just about any travel escape that involves what I love most about these past summer months…like hiking, surfing, and exploring. For me, they represent freedom. The freedom to slip them on and be adventurous, feeling closer to the earth, and inspired to try new things. The amazing thing about Teva sandals is transitioning them from summer’s hot sweaty days in the sun, to a chic stroll down the tree-lined streets of Central Park in the city. That’s when SOCKS N’ SANDALS come out to play for us. It’s a trend that Dylana and I absolutely love. We love anything that is completely unexpected, fun, and makes a statement. With the right outfit, it totally works. See how we styled our Teva flatforms and sandals for 5 of our favorite fall activities. It’s a totally refreshing new take on the socks n’ sandals trend that’s hit the runways and we can’t get enough of it.



Dy’s wearing: Teva Flatform Universal Crackle in black
I’m wearing: Teva Flatform Universal Crafted in white



Dy’s wearing: Teva Original Universal Crafted Leather in tan
I’m wearing: Teva Original Universal Ombre in black



Dy’s wearing: Teva x UGG in white // Coming soon
I’m wearing: Teva x UGG in black // Coming soon



Dy’s wearing: Teva Universal Slide in white
I’m wearing: Teva Universal Slide in black



Dy’s wearing: Teva Original Universal in white
I’m wearing: Teva Original Universal in black

#SuarezSisters in collaboration with Teva.

ShopStyle Trend Book

shopstylemagalog1resizedI am beyond excited to announce the launch of the ShopStyle Trend Book! It’s first Trend Book they’ve launched just in time for the holiday season! It’s an inspiring 36 page catalog mailed out to 1 million ShopStyle shoppers! The pages are filled with all of the hottest trends and key search terms for this season, giving readers the ultimate shortcut in finding WHAT’S HOT this season. Everything in the magazine is searchable and available on shopstyle.com!

I am super excited to be a part of the new magazine…showcasing what I love most: BOOTS. I can’t wait to get my hands on the actual copy! Here, I’m shot for the magazine in the Frye Veronica Back-Zip boot! This motorcycle boot adds a bit of toughness to a feminine vintage dress, complete with a heavy wool vest, and aviator sunglasses.


Now you can also shop my top BOOT picks from the ShopStyle Trend Book here: