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Give me a perfectly pretty dress and I immediately want to pair it with a rugged pair of Docs and fish net tights. I say man-up when it comes to what you pair with something super feminine. It could be boots and a floral frilled dress. Stilettos and an extra wide-leg pant. Always do the opposite when it comes to pairing styles. This was snapped in Chinatown in Los Angeles en route to a fitting. Every single trip I take for work is very in and out. I’m still trying to count how many flights I’ve taken just the beginning of this year! I make sure to always stay an extra night wherever I travel to really enjoy myself. Especially now, during Chinese New Year. As always, we planned a fun lunch date complete with mouth watering dumplings, fried fish, and stir fried noodles. I wish you all a prosperous and inspiring new year! It’s that time of year for us to indulge and set goals for what’s to  come. This weekend at NYFW, catch me backstage at some of the best shows (can you say ALEXANDER WANG?) I’ll be covering the shows with one of my favorite beauty labels and I can’t wait to reveal who it is.

Stay tuned.


// See by Chloe leather bomber (it now comes in navy), Rebecca Taylor dress, DKNY fishnet tights, Dr. Martens boots, Elizabeth & James sunglasses (something similar) //



There’s something about Marni that I’ve always loved. It’s the prints. It’s the unexpected silhouettes…like this boxy little jacket from the Marni x Yoox collaboration. It’s something you’d find in your grandmother’s closet in Beverly Hills, but with a cool youthful spin. Somehow these tailored little jackets add a touch of glam to every casual look. I took these quirky pieces out to the grassy fields of the valley of Los Angeles. I’m always dressing these dry fields with splashes of color from my wardrobe. I’m always painting the town. These are the hills I’d ride my bike through as a kid. Where I’d lay out and get a tan. Where I’d ride off in my car after going through the local drive-through. It’s the place where you always dream of escaping…to go somewhere bigger and better. If it weren’t for these boring valley streets did I feel such drive, such motivation, and such courage to get myself out there. To create. To live. To love. I take my slight valley gal accent to every city I end up traveling to with pride. Once a Cali girl, always a Cali girl.


// Marni x Yoox jacket, Vintage skirt, DKNY tights, Dr. Marten boots //



The amazing thing about California is getting to live in my lightweight cottons and my silks. I’m all about the way my clothes feel on me. They have to be soft. They have to be luxurious. And they have to move wherever I move. Right now, Dylana and I cannot get enough of everything by Carolina K. Each dress and billowing blouse comes with a free, whimsical air. Each piece, made for a fairytale. Some may describe her clothes as bohemian luxe…which it totally is. But sometimes I feel the word “bohemian” has been overused in the fashion world. I prefer “eclectic, earthy, and real.” Bohemian, to me, is more of a mood. A lifestyle. There are many ways to look at the term “bohemian” but here, it’s more about living and breathing life in it’s most natural, untouched state. Like here, in the stunning seaside of Carmel. Everywhere I turned was like out of a storybook. Trees so tall, I had to squint to see the tips of it’s branches. The air so crisp from last night’s rain. The scent of wood coming from the log cabin’s fireplace. Pure magic. Though I find an off-shoulder white dress to be completely beautiful,  I immediately brought it back down to earth with my favorite pair of punked out Dr. Martens. Leave it to the Suarez Sisters to throw in something completely unexpected with a pretty dress.


// Carolina K white dress //


// Carolina K silk blouse, Zadig et Voltaire scarf, Dr. Marten shoes //

See more on @CarolinaKUniverse.



From Los Angeles, we took the 5 hour drive up Highway 1 to the beautiful Carmel, California. I was beyond excited. The northern coast of California is purely magical. There really is no place like it. This was a very different New Year’s vacation. It was definitely a lot more calming than the crazy New Years Eve house parties happening down in LA. So we did things a little differently this year. We checked in at The Hotel Carmel, just on the corner of 4th street and San Carlos. This boutique hotel is the perfect place to de-stress and de-compress. Being a short walk from the beach and town, it’s a place where you simply wake up, grab a coffee, go on your balcony to stretch, and take some relaxing deep breathes. For me, it’s actually sooo nice not to have a packed itinerary. Back home in NYC, it seems everything is just non-stop. I love any place where you’re just close enough to civilization, culture, food, and the beach but still feels so secluded. We spend the days driving down Highway 1, soaking in all of it’s natural wonders. The fog rolling over the cliffs. The waves crashing against giant, beautiful rocks. Driving from Carmel to Big Sur is like driving through a painting. You kind of have to pinch yourself to be convinced that it’s all real. As the rain started to patter on our windows, we got back to the hotel just at wine hour. So intimate and homey, that you kind of feel like you’re a guest in someone’s living room. We became friends with a ton of international guests. It was really fun listening to their stories of why they often come back to Carmel…of all the places in the world! Most people had little love stories with this city that made it a must-have pitstop amongst their USA travels. We met people from Spain, Australia, and even London, who find Carmel to be a little bit like their home away from home. It’s a place where all you have on your agenda is a fantastic Italian dinner in town, followed with a jump in the hot tub by the fire pit. A really good getaway always starts with a great hotel.


// Gucci handbag, Vintage coat, Milly pant, Chicwish top + All Saints leather jacket, Tommy Hilfiger x The Rolling Stones Collection tee, Dr. Marten shoes //

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