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I was never one to shy away from color. The more vibrant, the better. And nope, this isn’t a dress. Simply a skirt and one of my favorite crop tops, sashaying through the tree-lined sidewalks of Bryant Park. The colors here are a mix of Brazil meets All-Americana. Stripes and abstract shapes that blend perfectly with the strong color, red. Pretty unexpected huh? Being back in NYC, and gearing up for September NYFW, always gets me thinking: “how did summer go by so fast?”

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The best thing about the 90’s was the sportswear. 90’s Tommy Hilfiger in New York City to be exact. Baggy basketball shorts. Bandeau bras. And lip gloss. Fresh off the runway, this sporty set brings back what Tommy is all about. All-American youth. Rebels without a cause. Destroying the streets of NYC one Lower East Side party at a time. Reds, whites, and blues. Some of my favorite NYC 90’s babes? The too-cool-for-school Chloe Sevigny. The always smiling young and innocent Kate Moss. Liv Tyler with her cigarette and Chuck Taylors in Times Square. Christy Turlington making even a tracksuit look glamourous. Though I love a good flash-back look, I’m still keeping up with our crazy digital age, with the new MIRA fitness bracelet that I recently discovered. Synced to my app, it keeps track of your activities…steps, distance, and elevation. So when I’m kicking your butt at boxing, you know what’s up.

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During fashion month, the bigger your pants, the BETTER. It’s all about going a tiny bit overboard with your ensemble, without looking like you even tried. Truth be told, I had these babies pinned, tucked, and fitted with the Tommy Hilfiger team only hours before the show just so I could have that effortlessly perfect baggy pant that hit the floor juuuust right. All American denim. Oh, so perfect. Tommy’s shows are always one of my favorites. This time the Park Avenue Armory was transformed into the ultimate football field. Reminding me of those high school days on the bleachers…waiting for half-time, eyeing your secret crush, in your school’s sweater and the shortest of skirts you own. Oh, coming of age!! What a nightmare. But with Tommy, babes made their way down the catwalk in oversize leather jerseys, russian hats, and slinky pleated minis. Imagine walking to your high school’s football game looking like THIS. If only our teens were really this chic.

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