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It’s festival season!! Coachella in Indio, California? Check. SXSW in Austin, Texas? Check. It’s in Texas where I whip out my classic leather cowboy hat. I’ve been getting far too much sun, but loving every single moment of it. SXSW is rowdy. The streets are closed down. The bars are open. There’s music everywhere you turn. The guitarist on the corner of the road. The back of the little jazz cafe. It’s a full week to immerse yourself in all different sounds. Different cultures.

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Only one more week until I’m off to the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas. Austin does music unlike anywhere else! The energy is wild, the music is wild, and of course, so is my wardrobe. I’m already mentally packing my suitcase. Dylana and I will be there to support Cafe Bustelo, who is one of the sponsors of the Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake from March 16-18th. This stage is one of the biggest stages at SXSW.

Cafe Bustelo activation hours:

Thursday: 4-10pm

Friday: 4-10pm

Saturday: 11am-7pm

For access to this stage, you just have to sign-up for a wrist band HERE.

We will be at the Cafe Bustelo tent on the Friday, the 17th, at 4pm. We’re so excited! Come by anytime from the 16-18th at the above times to get the full Cafe Bustelo experience. We’re talking charging stations, free Cafe Bustelo samples, a photo booth, and a ton of fun games and giveaways. The Cafe Bustelo tent will be the ultimate place to take a breather between shows and have some fun with friends. I can’t wait to give you live coverage on my social channels from the festival. Austin is incredible in that everywhere you turn, there’s live music. There’s always a beat to dance to. The city becomes one big hang out session, with one thing in common: a love for live music. Next to the music, comes an incredible food and bar scene. I can’t wait to walk you through the parks of food trucks…they’re incredible.

With every music festival, I have way too much fun with my looks. I’m actually really inspired by the Cafe Bustelo colors of red and yellow. Maybe a red suede bag? Maybe my favorite yellow silk blouse! Boots are a total must in Texas. I say a studded, harnessed, suede paired boot will do the trick, paired with something more delicate like beautiful pink sunglasses and a little sun dress. And it’s Texas, so I always pack my leather cowboy hat. Remember, SXSW is a lot more laid back than any other festival. Therefore, I live in denim and bold colors and prints. Easy and eclectic. And yes, I threw in some Cafe Bustelo packets in my suitcase because Dylana and I are going to have super early morning and late nights which means having that afternoon cup of Joe is necessary before a night at the stages. Now who is ready to hear some music?

Thank you Cafe Bustelo for partnering with me on this post.




I am seriously obsessed with putting a belt on EVERYTHING. Tops over skirts? Check. Sheer mini dresses? Check. Extra long duster coats? Check. A belt immediately makes me feel feminine and sexy. It gives me curves in places where I wish I had curves. Gives shape and life to those old tent dresses I found in the back of my closet. But my most recent discovery is Cecilie Copenhagen, a brand that got me back into the “put a belt on it” mentality. Most of their pieces come in their signature scarf print, super nubby fabrics, and yes almost everything is made to be cinched and layered. This was our last day in Austin, Texas for the SXSW music festival and boy was hot, hot, hot. We’d had just wrapped our Reef shoot and I was savoring our last moments under that bold Southern sun while scouring the endless rows of vintage shops off of South Congress Boulevard. But most of all, a girl just needs a pop of coca-cola out in the backyard, a pair of flip flops, and call it a day.


// Cecilie Copenhagen blouse and belt, Cardigan New York skirt, Ax and Apple necklace, Reef sandals //



Our Reef crew just survived a wild week at SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas! Howdy cowboys! They didn’t lie when they say everything is bigger and better in Texas. It’s true. The beers. The burgers. The music. Everything is over the top eat-till-you-drop bbq and dance-till-you-can’t-feel-your-feet loud. I live for that chaotic energy. The streets in Austin become crowded with street performers and food trucks. Just trying to find a seat on the benches may take a minute. The city loves its food and live music.

But for every Reef adventure, we always go by the spirit of #justpassingthrough. It was awesome getting to meet pro-surfer Evan Geiselman for this shoot. He’s always got a smile on his face. Even though we’re both so different (he’s always on the plane to the next most beautiful exotic beach), we’re also a bit similar. We’re both always looking for adventure. Always finding the next best thing (I discovered a ton of new bands I now love). Always finding the next trail to hike. Always on our feet. Always moving. Always traveling. Even if for me, it means fashion weeks and photoshoots, I still always go back to that California native lifestyle I’ve only known…those moments out playing in the sun. That’s when the Reef Rover sneakers come into play. I’m obsessed with this season’s updated sneaker. They are so light that you can fit a few pairs in your suitcase. And they are so comfortable you can run in them, dance in them, and even jump in the creek before putting them on again right after. Made for the beach, the desert, and that long walk on the side of the mountain.

For SXSW, you could find me pairing my Rovers with a full-on denim jumpsuit and bandana. Or the REEF “day catch” sandals with a fringed leather skirt and tube top. Dressing for the summer is my favorite. Now all I need is that tan and perfect playlist.

What I’m listening to now:

-“Baby I can Hell” by Deap Vally

-“Hundred Miles” by YALL

-“Gold Gun Girls” by Metric

-“Bloodstream” by Transviolet

-“Hypnotic” by Zella Day


// Reef Rover Low Top sneakers //


// Reef Day Catch sandal //


// Reef Rover Low Prints sneaker //


// Reef Rover Hi sandal //


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