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Black/Red midi dress: DVF. Paillette jacket: DVF. Blue dress (on Dylana): DVF. Pumps: Malone Souliers. Sunglasses: Cutler + Gross.

It’s certainly in statement pieces like these that Dylana and I feel most like women in charge. We gravitate towards pieces with character. Pieces that tell a story. We’re excited to reveal our latest shoot for DVF, where we took 3 amazing DVF looks through an evening of getting cocktail ready. It always begins with shoes all over the floor as we’re finding just the right sock to pair with our sandal. It could be texting one another from our houses with dress options. We ‘ll help do each other’s makeup on the living room floor. But most of all, we love color and color coordinating and complimenting. Dylana and I ended up going for black fringed pieces made for shimmering on the dance floor. No matter where we’re going, we wear pieces that have that wow factor. 

Diane Von Furstenberg is such an empowering woman and whenever I hear her speak, I leave the room with a new, brighter perspective. She represents strength, softness, wisdom, and everything in between, and she just fills as room with her lovely presence and energy. As this shoot came up and we sat down to chat with the DVF team about what it means to be a woman in charge, I started really thinking about it. Women can do anything now. You can create your own path and I feel like I never followed the traditional path in life, whatever that is. I feel women can really invent their own future. I think it’s about having that mindset of waking up in the morning feeling in control and excited, and ending the day feeling proud of what you achieved, big or small, and keep going. It’s the ability to think for yourself and use your voice. It’s the ability to be strong and vocal, yet kind. It’s the ability to laugh at yourself. Most of all, being a woman in charge involves respecting and valuing your self worth. Dylana and I have each other to lift ourselves up from just about anything. We are each others daily reminders to be kind to ourselves and to believe in ourselves. I feel most in charge when we’re together. Nothing can stop us now. 

Dotted dress: DVF. Green dress (on Dylana): DVF. Pumps: Manolo Blahnik. Pink heels (on Dylana): Christian Louboutin.

Black dress: DVF. Black top (on Dylana): DVF. Black skirt (on Dylana): DVF. Pink bag: STAUD. Blue/Green bag (on Dylana): Charlotte Simone.

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You can count on Dylana and I to be in full-on color with fun, luxurious textures, especially back in our hometown of Los Angeles. Think fringe, leather, and tassels. I grew up with the colors of Venice Beach . . . teal blue and bright orange just one of the color combinations that are the norm in this neighborhood by the beach. Not many places make me feel the way Venice Beach does. It’s a place where everywhere is like walking on the sunny side of the street. When I’m in town, my style changes to suit my environment, and that means a lot of eclectic vintage prints! It’s amazing how certain places can rub you in a certain way, and subtly enhance parts of yourself for the better. Thats the California mentality for you . . . it tells you to wear what moves with you.

Dylana and I take 70’s modern bohemian to a whole new level with these iconic styles from Hobo. Their leather bags are soft as velvet and versatile enough to easily compliment even my craziest spring looks. The new modern bohemian is all about taking prints like paisley and zebra and giving it an elevated city feel. Think a fringed skirt with a structured vest + a boho-tinged leather crossbody bag. Or, wide-leg vintage inspired pant and a hot pink leather jacket with a beautifully crafted, black leather backpack. With Hobo, it’s all in the little details, like the whipstitching on the Brio crossbody and bold gold zipper detail on the backpack. Both are so classic in my favorite neutral shades to go with just about any look in any mood that I’m in. I’m always investing in pieces that are season-less and effortless. Dylana and I unconsciously complement each other with our choice of colors and patterns. It’s something people always call out about us. It’s something that just happens. Another thing that is very #SuarezSisters is how heavily classic accessories play a huge role in our getting ready process. We like to base our looks off our bags. Hobo Bags make getting dressing feel very easy. The new collection is a perfect example of accessories laying the foundation for personal style. Each style is a must-have in every modern bohemian’s closet. I see them inspiring everyone to add a touch of bohemian influence to whatever style category they put themselves in. Now let me ask you, how would you wear these Hobo bags? 

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The Suarez Sisters love our Sundays. Sundays are meant to feel easy. We like to stay around our Dumbo, Brooklyn pads and soak in all that our neighborhood has to offer. As for what I wear on the weekends? Anything that moves freely and feels soft to touch on my skin. I’m so excited to share our Joie Sunday Girl story and interview, featuring both Dylana and I. This was shot on a very rainy, gloomy day here in the city in and around our homes. We got to chat with the team on how we got our start, how we work together yet seem to differentiate ourselves (especially with what we wear), and what our perfect Sunday in the city looks like. The amazing thing about this feature is getting to reflect on our growth as both individuals and a sister duo. We took the latest Joie spring collection and layered it up, styling it in our very own eclectic way. I have worn Joie for as long as I can remember and I love how the designs have evolved and grown with me…always classic, sophisticated, French chic with everything: joie de vivre.

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Dylana and I travel together for numerous projects around the globe. Being sisters makes constantly being on the road easy and a lot more fun. Whether it be styling for a shoot campaign. Making numerous pit-stops at in-n-out. Figuring out what the heck to wear in the morning. Dealing with stress. Finding that balance. What do the Suarez Sisters do with only 2 days in our hometown of LA? Well, here you have it. Plus, the first peek inside at the & Other Stories LA atelier.

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