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There’s nothing more classic than a white turtleneck, denim overalls, and a shearling coat. It’s exactly what I’ve seen my mom wear in Santa Monica back in the 70′s. I’m here in LA this week for a shoot today and every time I’m home for work, I’m back to sporting this easy, vintage-inspired style. My mom had a coat just like this one when she was my age. It’s a bit of a West Side girl thing. We like anything comfortable. Things big and oversize enough to cuddle up in when the cool sea breeze rolls on in. This one in particular was passed down from my boyfriend’s grandma. It’s so good isn’t it? I’ve been taking it on my morning walks overlooking the cliffs of the Pacific Palisades. The sun shining in my face. Won’t everyday feel this good?


//  7 For All Mankind overalls, Wolford bodysuit, Vintage Hugo Boss coat, Sabrina SL earrings //



Winters are the west coast are a completely different type of escape. Still a bit chilly, but a lot more relaxed and low-key. Whenever I’m traveling back home to the west coast, I put my best “cardigan weather” outfits together. It’s a term my mother used my whole life to describe our home of Santa Monica. She never went a day without throwing her cardigan in the backseat of the car. To me, “cardigan weather” describes when the sea so bright you have to squint, but the air so crisp you still need your woven knit to take the dog on a walk on the sand. Anything to toss over and wrap around your shoulders once night falls. Winters on the coast in California are all about classic knits and solid colors. I fell in love with the latest selection at Chicwish. They’ve brought back the vintage-inspired mustard turtleneck and hunter green wrapped skirts. Not to mention, beautiful flowing flared sleeved sweaters. It’s a fun, updated version on all a nubby classic. California winters are all about taking long walks under the tall trees while hearing the waves crashing in the distance. There really is nothing like it. It’s so peaceful. I like to soak in all of nature’s beauty. Carmel has some of the whitest sand on the California coast, making it even more magical and bright. When I’m home, I suddenly become my most effortless self. Less makeup. Natural beach waves. Just my staple pieces that I packed into my carry-on. That’s what I love about this monochrome ensemble…I can wear each piece a million ways and take a million more walks to the seaside in style.


// Chicwish turtleneck top, Chicwish suede flap skirt, Chicwish ribbed sweater //



I always feel most comfortable in my own skin when I’m with my older sister, Dylana. She’s the lady behind the lens for most of my photographs, and of course has starred alongside me for numerous campaigns. I never mind stripping down in a pair of undies for one of her artistic shots. As sisters, we actually have almost identical bodies. Tall, boyish, athletic. I guess you can call it a dancer’s body. Our motto is “imperfection is beauty.” Without imperfections, what would make us all each so special? Imperfections are inspiring. They make your think and see differently. Imperfections should be embraced and celebrated. Who cares if you’re not the girl next door. Growing up, I never looked like anyone in my class. Everything from my cultural background to my height. Not to mention, I had dreams that were larger than life, but with fashion, music, and art, I was able to find myself. Find and unleash what makes you feel beautiful.


// Journelle lingerie set //



I’ve been drawn to the color red ever since I could remember. You’ll see many pops of reds in my house. From my closet, to my lipsticks, to my kitchen appliances. I love this fiery color, especially around the holidays. I sported this look to a recent meeting back in NYC, and on the way, my sister said “your outfit is interesting today.” Sure I may have gone overboard on the red, but I love it with a play on texture. My favorite velvet pants straight off the Anna Sui runway, with a classic Miu Miu houndstooth coat, dressed down with a good pair of beat-up old sneaks. Find me for now in this bold shade…soaking in the California sun over Christmas break.


// Miu Miu coat, Anna Sui pants, Misha Nonoo blouse, Converse sneakers, Sandro handbag //