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Creative Ways to Wear a Beach Cover Up | Swim Edit

What is everyone doing this 4th of July? Looks like I’ll be in St. Maarten shortly after a full week in Hawaii. Can you say sunshine?! Work has been non-stop for me back home in NYC so while I’m away on “holiday,” it always takes me a second to adjust to a slower pace. I’m the girl that is always “go, go, go.” Can’t stop. Won’t stop. NYC does that to you. But in the summer, I’m always by the water…ready for my morning swims in the ocean, indulging in acai bowls, and sitting in the sun. I’ve got a million things on my calendar pre-travels that the last thing I want to worry about is packing. The amazing thing is I already know what to pack…and that is Donni Charm. Scarves that double as tops, skirts, and wraps.

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As you know, I love creating, editing, and filming my own videos. It’s my new form of story-telling. Maybe it’s because I love movement. Like seeing the wind blowing the hair across someone’s face… hearing a new little tune…reconnecting to a moment. I love to see what’s really goes on behind that photo. My brand new YOUTUBE displays all the moods I create with every place I travel, with every project I’m working on, and with every wild #SUAREZSISTERS adventure. It’s time to take a second and subscribe to my tube…YOUTUBE.


living room sessions. What song do you want to hear me sing next?


I love to combine my Chinese and Hispanic upbringing. It’s unique,and somehow it gets incorporated in so many things that I do. I love representing that unconventional woman, that takes inspiration from all over the world. I got full creative control in my whole Don Julio 70 campaign. Take a peek:


like the O’neill x NATALIE OFF DUTY collection (which has been selling out super fast. Opening this package was like a dream come true).


How my skin survives festival season, to fun beauty hacks. I’m giving you the inside scoop.


what’s inside the atelier, how the #SUAREZSISTERS travel, and exclusive content behind the lens.

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With Memorial Day weekend ahead, it’s time we start thinking about the perfect beach coverup. As most New Yorkers head out for their first celebratory weekend back in the Hamptons, all that’s on our minds are 1: a bikini bod, and 2: some easy, breezy pieces. Next that glass of champagne of course. Does it finally feel like summer to you?

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Is this the new color for spring? A soft, dusty rose? I think so. I’m leaning towards it in everything from my clothes to my lipsticks. And just like with any really elegant piece, I dress it down. White denim jacket? Check. Leather mules? Check. Linda Farrow sunglasses? Check. Here I am snapped in Philadelphia after a long day of filming in the city. It was super hot and muggy…the sweat glistening off my face. I could easily sense a super hot summer ahead full of outdoor beer gardens, concerts, and that occasional mosquito bite.

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