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Yep, the dress-over-pant trend is certainly classy and edgy. Can you believe these photos came from only a few weeks ago? The girls and I did go out in Williamsburg last night, still sporting our overworn ankle length coats and scarves. Bring on those hot, humid summers we all know and love! The tiny tank dresses. The wideleg trousers. We are certainly closer now to storing our heavy winter items to reveal all the spring happening underneath. I can finally wear this ensemble out without all the layers.

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This beautiful pink twin set is by Laurence & Chico. It’s play on luxurious textures really stood out to me. It’s a a bit like Chanel meets Brooklyn. I took this stunning get-up out in the rain at my sister’s local bodega in Bushwick, and simply threw over a poncho. Any contrasting texture is perfect for this type of layering. I swear by the ponchos at Woolrich. I wear them on the airplane. I wear them to the gym. Even here during fashion week, over my tweed. It’s my blanket that I can’t live without. Quality, baby. Fashion week is all about celebrating designs and pieces of quality. Learning the story of how it’s made. The way it feels. It’s all in the tiny details. The fabrics. Getting to see it all up close. Seeing the way a piece moves. It gives me the feels…seriously. For me, it’s all about discovering new designers, but also getting in touch with the brands I’ve grown to love year after year. Like mixing something classic and oldschool like Woolrich with the new…Laurence + Chico. Team Suarez has been real troopers so far this month. We’re always shooting our regular campaign projects back to back, yet still managing to wrap just in time for me to squeeze into the front row at all of these shows. But before we get into that, let me bang these looks out. Day 3 in pink accomplished. Shop it below.


// Laurence & Chico jacket + skirt, Woolrich poncho, DKNY tights, Nike sneakers //



I’m currently writing from Tulum, Mexico and though I’m physically sipping a Corona and sitting in a metallic bikini with sand between my toes, I’m mentally still catching up on everything FASHION WEEK. It’s this time of year that I begin to crave a seaside destination to fully decompress with my girl tribe before jumping right back into fashion month. I’m savoring every moment here in Mexico to be completely out of my normal element and NYC routine. This NYFW was non-stop. The city has a buzz to it. Head anywhere near the West Side Highway and you’ll spot some kooky characters and a sea of photographers on every corner. It’s all about “getting the shot.” Breaking the internet one outfit at a time, and still trying to arrive on time to back-to-back shows. Like every single season, I have so much fun with it. It’s that time of year to hit up your designer friends to create some really sick looks. Sure it’s freezing, but I say just whip out those bold coats, colors, and pile on the layers! Boy did it feel amazing to slip on a pair of sneakers. These are from the new Nike collection, and I love that they’re completely a new take on their oldschool design. I gave them a modern twist with a fit n’ flare dress, striped turtleneck, and parka. With every fashion week, getting dressed just starts getting easier. It’s far more low-key this year. You don’t need to wear stilettos everywhere you go. It’s totally ok to show up to a show with a gigantic parka over your wild outfit. Be practical first, then take it from there.


// Elizabeth + James sunglasses, Woolrich parka, STAUD turtleneck, Fashion Bunker dress, Nike sneakers, Gucci bag //



I certainly don’t need prescription glasses, but I find these Miu Miu ones to a perfect finishing touch to my most simple of looks. Plus, my boyfriend adores when I wear glasses for fun. Anyways, when I’m shooting, I’m always on the lookout for new spots in my neighborhood of Dumbo, Brooklyn. I just discovered this very lonely basketball court just hugging the Manhattan Bridge. It has suddenly become one of my go-to locations. It’s desolate in the winters… a calming place to sit and zen out, but I’m sure once summer comes it’ll be packed again with all of the badass Brooklyn cool kids, slinging their backpacks over the fence, putting out their cigarettes. I tend to pass it as I’m hopping off the subway station at York Street almost everyday now just to take a peek and avoid afternoon rush hour. This day I had accents again of my favorite hue, red. A Jill Stuart suede midi skirt, and darling leopard shoes by Frances Valentine. It’s nice taking the quiet route home, here in one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in New York.


// Miu Miu glasses, All Saints leather jacket, Ace & Jig top, Jill Stuart suede skirt, Chanel backpack, Frances Valentine boots //