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It felt very Old Hollywood glam at the La Samanna Hotel in St. Maarten. It’s beautiful veranda and pool, perched perfectly on the side of the cliff. It’s a place I would only read about in novels. I whipped out my most ruffled and metallic dress for the afternoon…both it and my sweat glistening in the island sun, as I was lulled by the waves.

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Team Suarez consists of both Dylana and I, either behind and in-front of the lens. Dy and I just get one another. We’re free to be our crazy selves. We’re sisters. There’s no filter in anything we say or do. As a model, I shoot with different photographers all the time, switching in and out of character, sometimes I’m more comfortable in front of an unknown lens, I get to act…but there’s just something about being photographed by the people you love, which allows you to really be yourself. There’s an ease. It’s rare my boyfriend photographs me, but this time on our trip to St. Maarten, I let him. I guess now you can call him an instagram boyfriend. He absolutely loves to take photos and really does have a fantastic, editorial eye. I let him have a little fun behind the lens and gave him full creative freedom with my 35 mm. Only he can think wearing a towel as a dress is elegant on me.

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I am excited to take you down St. Maarten memory lane. It was such an incredible getaway. Just my boyfriend, a 35mm lens, a car, and a whole island to explore in one week. We stayed along Cupecoy Beach…and I rank it by far the best beach on the island. Imagine crystal clear, calm and steady, turquoise water. Gorgeous white butterflies, fluttering their wings everywhere you turn. St. Maarten is part French and part Dutch. We stayed on the beaches of the Dutch side, where we indulged in fresh seafood and hours of swimming under the hot Caribbean sun. I tried snails for the first time..and liked it. Can you believe it? There’s an elegance to the island which I really love. The beaches. The hotels. The restaurants. I can’t wait to show you more. You get a real European summer feel with just a 3.5 hour flight away from NYC.

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