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NYC to Miami! I was just in town for the annual Veuve Clicquot Carnaval and it is by far one of my absolute favorite weekends. A day under the sun to sip champagne and samba dance?! Count me in. This was an extra last minute work trip for me, but I’m a master at throwing things into a little carry-on luggage. The best thing to live in? Denim. It’s light. It’s versatile, and you literally need 4 pieces to get you from Friday-Sunday night.

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It’s in the spring time that invitations come rolling through my mailbox. My school classmates are suddenly all grown up and having weddings. My email inbox is suddenly filling with “Save the Dates.” It’s the excitement of the beautiful weather, and finding any excuse to catch up with friends. But with that means upping it in the dress department. Gift wrapping. Making flower arrangements. Cooking. Extra girly things that I’m slowly but surely getting a lot better at. I love dressing for a special occasion, and that’s why I’m so picky when it comes to finding the perfect dress. Meet this lace beauty by EXPRESS. What I love most is the ability to dress it up or down. I gave it a bit of a tomboy vibe with my favorite metallic oxfords. For me, it’s all about the accessories. With the carefree vibes that come with this season, I’ve traded in my oversize shoulder bags for an EXPRESS embroidered clutch, and a feathered accessories. The lighter the better.

// EXPRESS lace dress, clutch, and necklace //


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When I see a burst of sunlight through my window in the morning, I can’t help but feel good and want to get dressed. New York City in the spring is totally magical, it’s so hard to pin-point the mood. It seems everyone was eating their lunch out in Madison Square Park this day. You just want to people watch, eat facing the street, and literally stop to smell the flowers. With the fresh new wave of energy hitting the city, I’ve been going for a lot more white denim, and of course, wearing the classic Kork-Ease platform sandal. The Lewy to be exact. I’m a huge fan 70’s inspired clogs with a cropped flare jumpsuit. It’s easy, classic, and just badass, especially with a little bit of stud action. Think of a more minimal Janis Joplin. That’s how I want to live my life. Killer shoes, a vintage coat from Mom’s closet, and loads of denim. It’s finally Friday and I’m gearing up for more time under the sun, scoping out the Dumbo flea, and laying out by the bridge. New York, I will always just love you.

Be sure to check out my other new Kork-Ease favorite, the HEIGHTS platform in collaboration with Free People.


// Kork-Ease sandals, Free People jumpsuit, Vintage coat, Breelayne scarf, WANT Les Essentials backpack //

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Adios cold winter. Hello Spring! Boy did I live in this knit beanie and extra large coat. This day may have been the coldest day this year, and though it slaps you in the face like a block of ice, it also gives my body and mind a complete jolt. Talk about wake up calls. Believe me, I’ve had plenty. That 3 a.m alarm ringing to get you to the airport because you just found out from your agent that you’ve got a shoot across the country in 24 hours. The shock you feel when you find out your ex boyfriend was a complete fraud. Waking up to the craziest and happiest dream in the middle of the night and realizing you’re living the American dream. My winter wardrobe is finally in retirement, as I just put this look in the far, far back of my closet for the next few months. With that wake up call came a fresh start.  Whether it means getting rid of all your old junk, and planting seeds for your garden. Or clearing your mind and opening the windows to let in the fresh air. I’ve kind of been all over the place this year, so it’s time I finally give you a bit of a rundown. It seems that every other week I’m on a plane for a new adventure, and it’s actually a really exciting feeling. Visiting new spots on every shoot location. Working with a dream team and seeing our visions come to life. Finding a new coffee shop to love in every city you visit. In between all the madness, sometimes all I want is a back massage, mama’s cooking, a cup of tea, and a warm bed. But I can’t complain. Team Suarez has been working on a handful of dream projects. It’s only about time that I discover more in my new home of DUMBO, Brooklyn. That is, if I’m ever home. I’m still in the process of finding my coffee shop. Finding my go-to seat at the park. Making my loft a real home that I’ll keep forever. There’s too much to discover, but I guess I’ve got all the time and energy in the world.

Spring is that time of year where I plug into my headphones, listen to some rock n’ roll, and just get going. Every little negative punch along the way just motivates me to do more. So maybe negativity isn’t so bad. You have to feel the lows before you feel the highs. I feel our generation is all about independence and being your highest and happiest self. I don’t think I’ve smiled so much in a long time. I don’t think I’ve traveled the world so much in my entire life. It’s the first time I can say “man, I think I finally got my s**t together.” That last winter jolt is what we need because the best is yet to come. Don’t let anything or anyone shake you.



// Wool and the Gang beanie, Acler coat and pants, Stylestalker sweater, Charlotte Simone scarf, VANS leather sneakers, Kenneth Cole backpack //