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Meet your highness, Princess Gucci. Yes, that is her real name! This gloomy weekend was one to stay inside on the Upper West Side. I find uptown to be a little weekly escape for me. My boyfriend and I walk through Central Park, make visits to the local farmer’s market, and really just stay in and watch movies. I had my camera on me, and so my boyfriend snagged these shots one sleepy Saturday afternoon. We were just playing around at his mother’s house, keeping the kitty’s company. It’s an absolutely gorgeous house, wouldn’t you agree? I love the vintage gold accents, statues, and and pops of animal prints. They’re French, and they love their cats. Gucci here happens to be one of my favorite little fluff balls and the perfect sidekick for my French story for Parisian brand, Sezane. I think she really enjoyed all the attention. I mean, look at that beauty shot! Talk about one glamorous and very high maintenance kitty. . . always sitting on her throne. When family is away for the weekend, she actually enjoys our short visits filled with treats and a little love.

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I was in London when I was strolling through Dover Street Market for the first time and immediately, I gravitated towards a perfect rack filled with pinks and reds. Puffed sleeves. Beads hanging from sheer skirts. Florals. It was like out of an Alice in Wonderland book. I picked up a fluffy little frock and saw it was Simone Rocha. Held it up in front of me by the mirror and did a little twirl. A love was born! I hadn’t seen anything so delicate and beautiful in a while. Every detail like a little work of art, that you pick it up and just examine every stitch. That’s what I love most about London. The shopping. Their appreciation for fashion as art. Quirky finds that are so unexpected. I actually found this bold red number in my size at Saks Fifth Avenue. Sure it’s a dress you can wear to the Met Gala, but for an evening out with friends, go with a perfect white leather sneaker. Some things are meant to make you feel special.

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