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Owning a little black dress is necessary. And especially in Paris. I like it with nothing but a swipe of black eyeliner (I swear by Lancome’s Grandoise Liquid liner) and a messy top knot. Oh, don’t forget the earrings. It’s so sexy in a completely classic, Old Hollywood way. Paris always makes me feel like I’ve just stepped into Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris. I love the the attitude and style from the film. It glows. These photos were shot during Paris’s heat wave. All I wanted to do was crack open the window and peep down onto the city streets of Le Marais. The sweat glistening on everyone’s faces.


// & Other Stories black dress //




I was in Paris shooting the & Other Stories campaign..the sister brand to H&M (coming out soon!) and of course, I raided their store for some lovely pieces to take back home. Like this adorable stars shift dress. We’d just finished shooting after 2 days on set and I had just enough time to catch sunset on my walk to the Louvre. Talk about completely magical. This may have been one of my favorite trips to Paris. It was warm and sunny and bright. The best way to experience the city of romance. I could easily go bare legged, layering my favorite billowing blouse under my dress. The sleeves so big they’d float up in the wind! That, and a good pair of sneakers. It was one of those nights where you just want to cure your jet lag with a bottle of wine and a good friend…your legs dangling over the Seine, watching the boats go by. A moment to stop in time.


// & Other Stories dress, Zadig et Voltaire blouse, Moro Tran handbag, Tretorn sneakers //



Joie De Vivre: (noun) exuberant enjoyment of life.

Haleigh took this photo of me and said that is “joie de vivre.” The ability to love life in it’s most simple and pure form. I’ve been obsessed with the term ever since. My joy in life is creating. Creating photos. Memories. Songs. Stories. Friendships. But most importantly, creating moments. It could be the excitement of waking up in a new city with just a camera, a good friend, and your imagination. Or it could be the moment you slip on your favorite pair of jeans that make you go “damn, I feel good.” Or the fulfillment you get by staying in and cooking yourself a meal at home. Joie de vivre is like waking up everyday and feeling completely free. Free from past experiences, people, and anything holding us back from purely enjoying the moment and seeing what makes life so beautiful. Sometimes we get so caught up in what’s happening around us that we forget what’s happening inside of us. Communicate and be open to just about anything. Be an opportunist. Just breathe. Just live. Laugh at yourself. Do what makes you happy and cherish this little thing we all go through called life.


shot by Haleigh

// Minkpink top, Earnest Sewn x Refinery 29 jeans, AGL shoes (similar) //

Cinq à Sept | PARIS


Cinq à sept is the French term for the moments linking late afternoon with early evening. The intriguing time of the day where anything is possible. Where you can grab a cocktail with mystery boy at the bar, or slip away…unknown during these after-work hours. I fell in love with this new contemporary brand the moment I slipped on this dress from the Pre-Fall collection. Its embroidered stars and flowers were made for Paris moments like these, here in my room at the Four Seasons, George V. My gal pal Haleigh snagged these beautiful photos while getting dressed for a work dinner in the Champs-Élysées. There’s something so sexy about this hotel. The lobby was exploding with bouquets of freshly cut white flowers. But best of all, the rooms. I’ve always dreamt of having a special yellow room in my house and this one is the perfect inspiration. Yellow carpets. Decadent yellow walls. Yellow pillows and chairs the color of a banana. And a ladybug on the wall that just wouldn’t leave during my stay. It’s true that some of my favorite photos are taken by my friends. In your most natural and comfortable state. Cinq à sept. I threw on my shaggy lavender vest and off we went. Paris, I love you.

photos by Haleigh at the Four Seaons Paris George V


// Cinq à Sept dress, Jocelyn vest, Marie Claire St. John scarf //