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I’m finally onto the last day of PFW, and it’s certainly time to keep things a bit more simple before boarding my next flight. A clean, fresh striped shirt… jeans that hug in all the right places…and amazing suede booties. But something’s missing. Yes, a beret. A French staple. This past winter I’ve traded in my Russian hats and fluffy beanies for a classic beret. Easy, and oh, so chic. The key to Parisian style is making jeans, a beret, and shirt feel elegant. Especially for lunch at the extra elegant hotel, The Peninsula. But it wasn’t before long I hit the Parisian streets only to get stuck in the rain, without a map. I had to stop a Parisian to ask where on Earth I can turn to walk to the Tour de Eiffel. He showed me where, and recommended to take a second route…”the chic side of the street.” Perfect.

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My Sandro Paris shoot continues! We certainly brought the heat to PFW. I’m obsessed with the flame accents in the latest S/S ’17 collection…have you seen the matching trainers yet?! It’s all just too good. Here I am in Montmarte, just steps from the stunning Sacre Coeur. I could sit at the top and stare down along the sunset forever. It’s one of the most magical spots in all of Paree. Be sure to stop for a delicious nutella crepe along these hilly streets and get your portrait drawn. It’s hard to avoid all the attention within the tourist trap in these striking gold boots. I think it’s about time I’ll slip away for a cappuccino now…


// Sandro Paris shirt, Sandro Paris skirt with flames, Sandro Paris gold boots, Sandro Paris Bonnie Bag //



There really isn’t a bad view in Paris. I began every day and end every night looking out upon the beautiful Parisian streets…completely starry-eyed. Paris is even more romantic in the rain. Rainy days call for untucked layers and soft, oversize denim. French style is always a bit undone. Mess up your hair. Never leave your fringe too even. Smudge up your kohl black eyeliner. Go a size up in your outerwear. Speaking of which, Sando Paris has created the most perfect star denim jacket. I love it’s 90’s fit and paired it with a little something sporty. A striped boyish shirt and slouchy jogging trousers. My Lou bag always the ties it all together. The amazing thing about Sandro Paris is their special attention to detail with every single piece. Always a subtle mix of masculine and feminine. It’s true the French are best at “chic.”

I spent my afternoon in Le Marais, exploring the familiar streets I know and love. I love getting lost in it’s corners…somehow I always find myself curled up in a little bookstore, getting an espresso at La Favorite, or at my go-to dinner spot, Au Petit Thai, late into the night. It’s the neighborhood of Paris that reminds me most of NYC. The amazing vintage shops. The youthful energy. The diversity when it comes to food and fashion. No trip in Paris is complete without a true Le Marais adventure.


// Sandro Paris denim jacket, Sandro Paris shirt, Sandro Paris jogging trousers, Sandro Paris gold boots, Sandro Paris Lou bag //



Paris Fashion Week went by far too fast this season. I joined my Sandro Paris family in shooting their brand new S/S ’17 collection, and launch of the beautiful Lou bag. This bag was everywhere this PFW, and it’s no surprise. This new collection is so brilliant and refreshing. Subtle pops of color. Amazing denim. Always classic. I loved being their face this PFW. And what better day to feature this stunning power suit than today, on International Women’s Day? Hello my badass women! This suit was made for days like today…days you want to feel unstoppable. It’s powder, statement blue really lit up the rainy Parisienne streets. But it’s the cut of this power suit I love most. The cropped ankle. The fit n’ flare waistline. Giving what would be a tomboy look, a little something so sexy. And with every PFW comes a statement shoe. I finished off my daily looks with the Sandro Paris gold boots. They’re a classic. I had just hopped off the plane in Paris at 7am, and checked into the stunning Hotel de Sers in Champs-Élysées, one of the most spectacular avenues in all of Paris. PFW is known for it’s glitz, the glamour, and of course, all the hard work that goes into every show, every shoot. Countless hours on our feet. But it’s all worth it once you’ve settled down at the end of the day with a good bottle of wine and good friends. Sure the jet lag was kicking in, but I couldn’t help but walk to the Eiffel Tour early this morning and fully immerse myself in gloomy Pareeeeee. I eventually hid into a corner cafe to hide from the drizzling rain. “A shot of espresso please!” Just the thought of a classic espresso gives me a little burst of excitement. This American in Paris is having the time of her life. 


// Sandro Paris top, Sandro Paris jacket trousers, Sandro Paris Lou bag, Sandro Paris gold boots //