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Sister! Hey, sister! Some of the best moments of fashion week are captured with your buddy. Why would you want to experience this wild ride alone? The stressful last minute call times. Changing outfits in the back of your uber. Disrupting the local pizza parlor with our high energy. We make every season fun with memories to look back on. Dylana and I are basically attached at the hip and even if we’re out either shopping or pulling for a shoot, we always reach for the same piece at the same time. We laugh at the same jokes. We read each other’s minds. It’s a sister thing I guess. This time, we fell in love with the Alice + Olivia bright colored trousers for the presentation this season. Red and blue. They’re so bold and such a statement that I kept the rest of my look pretty minimal with a Cher Horowitz inspired fuzzy tank and classic white blouse. The houndstooth coat is an old Miu Miu find from seasons ago, yet it never seems to have gone out of style. I topped it off with a beret taken from Dylana’s closet. Luckily, she lets me share her clothes.


// Staud Clothing tank, Cinq a Sept blouse, Miu Miu coat, Alice + Olivia pants, AGL shoes //



This is the first time Zadig et Voltaire brought their runway from Paris to NYC, and it absolutely rocked. I paired my Zadig look with an oversized coat and some really smokey eye-makeup, thanks to my team at NARS. I dressed down a wild pair of navy blue sequin trousers with a silk tank, bomber, and cowboy boots. Eclectic, yet so easy. When it comes to rock n’ roll, anything goes. It’s how you carry yourself. The Fall ’17 runway show was so much the ultimate NYC downtown wardrobe. Bringing their touch of Parisian chic to NYC just made sense. Bright pink and yellow beanies mixed with cargo, nubby knits, and tailored blazers. They’ve mastered slinky silk dresses and leather pants. But it was these additional pops of color that got me really excited. Mick Jagger approved, of course.


// Zadig & Voltaire sequin pants + silk bomber + tank + scarf+ + boots + sunglasses, Staud Clothing coat, Bally handbag, White + Warren cashmere beanie //



I’m in love with my Fendi Spring ’17 look, straight off the runway. Amazing knitted sock booties with a beautiful flowing dress, and nude bag. Check out the heels on these Fendi bad boys! They’re striped! I threw on some leather leggings, and voila, I made my Fendi Spring ’17 look fully prepped for these cold weeks in NYC. The collection is extra quirky and cheeky. It’s an unexpected take on luxurious neutrals. Do a play on textures in neutral palettes as a way to make a statement this season without having to walk out of the house dressed like a rainbow. But trust me, I do love my rainbows.

But as always, fashion week gets me thinking beyond just the outfits. We’re so “go, go go” that sometimes it’s nice to talk amongst ourselves about how much fashion week is actually changing. Bloggers are taking over the front row, and it’s amazing that our perspectives really do matter. Even in what feels like a saturated space, it’s amazing seeing my OG girls killing it in our industry…from walking the catwalk to taking over backstage. I’m talking about the girls from 2010 who made something out of nothing…creating careers and jobs with longevity that never existed 5 or 10 years ago. It’s exciting to be a huge part of this change and evolving with it. There’s room for everyone in this space. Designers are a lot more selective with how they’re doing their shows, who is going to their shows, and they’ve become a lot more wise on who their customer is thanks to bloggers and social media. Lately, I have been stressing the importance of quality versus quantity. I don’t care if you have a million instagram followers or the best seat at a fashion show. The blogging community is about daring to be you and using your voice to inspire and be inspired through everything you put out there. Even if that means making the world your literal runway for a day.


// Fendi Spring ’17 dress, Fendi handbag, Fendi shoes, Cinq a Sept coat, Zadig et Voltaire leather legging //



This beautiful pink twin set is by Laurence & Chico. It’s play on luxurious textures really stood out to me. It’s a a bit like Chanel meets Brooklyn. I took this stunning get-up out in the rain at my sister’s local bodega in Bushwick, and simply threw over a poncho. Any contrasting texture is perfect for this type of layering. I swear by the ponchos at Woolrich. I wear them on the airplane. I wear them to the gym. Even here during fashion week, over my tweed. It’s my blanket that I can’t live without. Quality, baby. Fashion week is all about celebrating designs and pieces of quality. Learning the story of how it’s made. The way it feels. It’s all in the tiny details. The fabrics. Getting to see it all up close. Seeing the way a piece moves. It gives me the feels…seriously. For me, it’s all about discovering new designers, but also getting in touch with the brands I’ve grown to love year after year. Like mixing something classic and oldschool like Woolrich with the new…Laurence + Chico. Team Suarez has been real troopers so far this month. We’re always shooting our regular campaign projects back to back, yet still managing to wrap just in time for me to squeeze into the front row at all of these shows. But before we get into that, let me bang these looks out. Day 3 in pink accomplished. Shop it below.


// Laurence & Chico jacket + skirt, Woolrich poncho, DKNY tights, Nike sneakers //