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Here are a few outtakes from a recent campaign for Armani Beauty’s Code Colonia fragrance in Montauk, New York. It’s a scent that’s meant to be shared. What’s better than having a scent you and your lover can always come back to? For me, this one reminds me of romantic summer getaways together, from St. Martin to Ditch Plains. Here at Gurney’s Seawater Resort in Montauk, my bedsheets were as crisp and white as my favorite power suit…the perfect compliment to this fresh morning fragrance. We had some sunny days and some cloudy days, but each, equally relaxing with days spent in the indoor pool and nights by the fireplace. May the last weekend of summer and fresh whites-on-whites, live on.

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So much of this summer has revolved around these pin-striped flared pants. They’re so rock n’ roll. I love them best slipped on over a good bikini. On the beach, anything goes. And especially in Montauk, a place I miss dearly. It’s the scent of Montauk I miss. A mix of salt, wood, and rain. It’s the sounds. On the east coast, it’s so comforting to fall asleep to the lullaby of rain pattering and waves crashing. Everyday is unpredictable. It’s the color of the green lush surrounding the cliffs I miss. The feeling you get after a good surf in your wet suit. And I can’t stop smiling. The year has flown by like no other, and sometimes like all of us, I forget to stop, smile, and breath. So right now I want you to stop and feel proud of all the places you’ve gotten to travel to. All the things that pushed you out of your comfort zone. All of the things that made you open your eyes, your ears. Feel proud of your accomplishments. And don’t stop now. Be proud of having the ability to open up to new people. To be vulnerable. The ability to make new, genuine friends that’ll last a lifetime. Be proud that you’re free. And keep on creating stories…and releasing your inner goofball along the way.

Where to next? I’m off to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this week. I’m very excited for a warmer climate. To see my family on my mother’s side. To explore the country’s colorful and vibrant culture. The beautiful beaches of Penang. The food markets of Melaka. There’s so much to see. I can hardly wait.

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// Vitamina A swimsuit, Burning Torch jeans, Wildfox Couture tee, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Sabrina SL earring + mother of pearl ring, Kamryn Dame silver ring //



Montauk’s salty air reminds me of cartwheels on the beach. It reminds me of this sunhat that’s almost floated out into sea a dozen of times, but still finds it’s way back home. It reminds me of tiny crochet bikinis. It reminds me of this rusty white painted balcony that nobody can look into. It reminds me of the content and happy older couple who wanted me to take their picture…and who I never got the chance to show it to. It reminds me of the seagulls that always try to steal my breakfast. It reminds me of feeling so far from the city, yet so close to home. It reminds me to live each moment like it’s last. It reminds me of this perfect August weekend.


// Burning Torch dress, She Made Me bikini top and bottom //

Shot at Gurney’s Montauk Resort.