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Yep, it’s all about that super low V. Only us girls with the small boobs can rock it like no other without getting looked at like we’re asking for it. And who said bras are in anymore? It is true that flat chested girls can get away with some crazy getups. Every designer and their mom made this top, but it’s all about how you style it that makes it your own. I paired mine with my favorite vintage belt and extra large sunglasses. A bit Jackie O mixed with Jane Birkin mixed with some California lovin’ squeezed on top.

I’m still in my hotel in Austin, Texas at the moment, just getting off the phone with my best friend who ended our call with “Let’s go anywhere. I don’t care where. I’ll even do Miami.” You have no idea how hard I wish I was laying on that beach. I just finished the super wild SXSW circuit with my Reef family, shooting some killer stories in the BBQ-filled land of Austin, where everything truly is bigger, badder, and better. Iif you really want to laugh your ass off, go check out my Snapchat (NatalieOffDuty). We’ve gone knee deep into the Greenbelt creek, went from rap to country to rock gigs, and stayed up way past our bedtimes. Believe me, spending a few days with a team of surfers immediately gets you pounding beers and saying “gnarly” before you can wrap your head around what you’re doing. But we couldn’t have asked for a better time. Team Suarez has indeed been eating and adventuring their way through many cities this year, wearing loads of wild outfits, with a ton more stories to tell. Tomorrow I’m back in NYC. Man, I can’t wait to sleep in my own bed. Then, we’re off to London for the weekend. Fish and chips anyone?


// Finders Keepers tank, Citizens of Humanity jeans, Donni Charm scarf, Wildfox Couture sunglasses //



Stripes in Paris. Stripes in New York. Stripes in Miami. I love my stripes. I’ll wear them until I’m an old granny because they’re easy, and they’re chic. I’m a sucker for anything Ace & Jig. I sleep in their stuff. Dance in their stuff. Slip into their sparkling ponchos the moment I step outside the shower. They’re like little blankets you can take anywhere. Great for those summer travels. I’ve taken mine from Nicaragua to Italy to Miami. Now it’s time to take those heels off and go barefoot.


// Ace & Jig dress, Strathberry bag, SJP heels, 6 Shore Road bikini //



I was just in Miami for one beautiful beach weekend with the Veuve Clicquot team for an afternoon downtown at their annual Veuve Clicquot Rio Carnaval! To this day, I dream of the real Rio. Tanned bums, brown oiled skin, and the tiniest bikinis known to man. What’s better than that? But we did get a little taste of that colorful, sexy, “dance on the beach” and strut-your-stuff Brazilian way. We’re talking samba dancers, feather headdresses, conga lines, and of course, the endless flow of chilled champagne. Veuve Clicquot just launched what be my new favorite champagne: Rich. Best mixed with ice, peppers, and a little mint. Light and refreshing.

I traded in my mix-matched bikinis for this off-shoulder number and my favorite striped scarf. There’s something about the way it hugs my waist that I fell for. After fashion month, this was just the weekend Team Suarez and I needed. Sunshine, the sound of the waves crashing, and just a carry-on luggage. It was my first stay at The Edition hotel, and we couldn’t have asked for better accommodation. It felt like a few days to detox and unwind. I will never know how Miami manages to party all night long, and still make it to yoga on the beach at 7am. Those are some serious goals right there. Anyways, after a few classes of champagne, go to the The Edition steam room and get that hour and a half Thai massage. You deserve it baby.

Miami, I miss your wild adventures already.


// Rebecca Taylor dress, Donni Charm scarf, SJP sandals, Strathberry bag //



A perfect pantsuit like this just gives you an empowering feeling. Like you could jam all night, hit the stage, or in this case, take on Miami’s South Beach in the middle of the winter. This baby was made by my gal pals over at For Love & Lemons and I’m in love with their latest collection. A lot of rock n’ roll, a bit of Mick Jagger flair, complete with killer prints that could have been pulled out of Janis Joplin’s closet. Blending in perfectly with Miami’s Art Deco architecture. We had just hopped off the plane from NYC, and had a weekend with one jam packed schedule. Late night dinners with old friends, boat rides blasting Britney Spears, and the best part, a whole city covered in art to explore and capture.


// For Love & Lemon blazer and pant, vintage Michael Kors belt,  EXPRESS scarf, True Religion silk tank, Steve Madden shoes, Marie Turnor handbag //