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I am so excited to be the face for Karl Lagerfeld Paris x Long Tall Sally! Our S/S ’18 campaign has just launched! We took Parisian classics to the streets of NYC, embracing space and time. Time: being able to stop and appreciate the beauty of my surroundings at home in NYC and feeling free of the pressure in being in such a crazy place in comparison to a slower-paced, calmer Paris. Space: finding my personal space and own identity in the two largest fashion capitals of the world. In Paris, things are spread out. In NYC, it’s chaotic. But I’m always prepared for what both will bring me and it beings with what I wear. My wardrobe between Paris and NYC is a mix of classic red dresses, brilliant blazers, and Karl’s statement pieces like a pearled jumpsuit and tweed skirt. All tailored for the Long Tall Sally woman…the tall women who want the correct fit on the shoulder, hip, and hem. Being 5’10” has made me extra particular about fit. Long Tall Sally forever impresses me with their tailoring and amazing designer collaborations.

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Hey tall ladies! Part 2 of my Long Tall Sally x Karl Lagerfeld Paris capsule collection photoshoot is here! Finally, there are pants and leggings and beautiful, delicate gowns that fit us tall lades with our extra long limbs. Being 5’10” means being super careful with how I shop online. Normally, I study the size guides to make sure my pants are long enough, and that dresses have that little inch or two in length so that the fit is perfect on me. Long Tall Sally has made shopping so much easier. I know that their sizing is spot-on for my tall frame, so you can’t image how excited I was to be the face for their extra chic new Karl Lagerfeld Paris capsule collection. I love the pearl accents, clean silhouettes, and attention to the little details in each piece. When it gets chilly, I always lean towards head-to-toe black ensembles. It’s classic and effortless. French simplicity, perfected. Nubby black sweaters and leather pants. Embellished cocktail dresses that really accentuate our elongated frame. Then, there is the ultimate oversize black coat, roomy enough to layer over a chunky knit. This collection make getting dresses for fall a breeze…and fits like a glove.

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FOR THE TALL LADIES! Yes, I’m 5’10”!

I was in London when I first met with Long Tall Sally, an amazing brand, based in the UK, that caters to us super tall women, all over the world. I’m 5’10 and it’s seriously so hard finding pants long enough for me…it’s tough enough finding miniskirts that aren’t too short, or blazers that actually hit my wrists. That extra inch or two in length makes a huge difference for us amazon women. So when they asked me to shoot for the new Long Tall Sally x Karl Lagerfeld Paris capsule collection, I jumped at the opportunity. I love getting to represent the tall ladies out there. The Karl Lagerfeld Paris capsule is super classic. It’s French. It’s minimal. It’s rock n’ roll. Tweed blazers, super sleek leather pants, and extra nubby knit cardigans. And all in perfect fall shades: black, white, with pops of purple and pale pink. I layered mine up…just as Karl would. I gave it all a little pop with a god hoop earring. There’s such an elegance to this structured style, and classic silhouette. It’s timeless. Oh, and the shoes are also part of the collection. These block-heeled pumps are perfection now, aren’t they? Who said tall girls didn’t wear heels?

I can’t wait to reveal Part 2 of our shoot, coming soon.

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