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// The Great Eros bra and bottom. Live the Process leg warmers, Maison Chou scrunchie //

I feel the most comfortable in my own skin now more than ever before. I feel stronger. At least once a day, I make sure to take time to myself and move my body. I do pilates, dance, biking, and I’m just getting into yoga since these limbs need a little extra stretch these days. Undies, a scrunchie, and leg warmers are a Jane Fonda look that immediately makes me feel appreciative of my body and its strength. 


// La Perla maison contouring bodysuit, La Perla x La Bouche Rouge Les Rouges Universels Lipstick Set //

I am so excited to be working with La Perla. It may just be the most luxurious and iconic lingerie brand of all time. With this look, I am celebrating beauty, design, craftsmanship, and our planet. It’s just me, my Maison Contouring bodysuit, and a perfect red lip. This is the La Perla x La Bouche Rouge Parisiens Lipstick Set: a handcrafted leather case with refillable serum formulas to fight the use of plastic. A woman loves two things: lingerie and lipstick. And not for anyone else but herself. Lately, I feel the most comfortable in my own skin than ever before. It feels liberating. Let’s all love our perfect imperfections and treat ourselves with a lot more care. Own your body. 



// Calzedonia Total Invisible ad campaign //

My Calzedonia Total Invisible campaign has just launched and these images will be in store windows! I couldn’t be more excited! These tights really feel like second skin and have an invisible toe and flat waistband. Completely seamless! The amount of ways to style them are infinite. There’s just something extra special about incredible Italian legwear and these make me feel real good. 


It’s during the holiday season that I spend a lot more nights in. More movies in bed. A lot more time catching up on late night reading. Lighting some candles as I cook myself dinner.  And when I’m having these super simple nights at home here in New York City, I immediately change into a fresh set of lingerie and a super cozy pair of pajamas. Eve’s Temptation specializes in gorgeous, luxurious bras, panties, and sleepwear. It’s designer intimates at by far, the best price. I love how they play with sexy lace, classic colors, and a perfect snug fit. For my body type, I like giving myself a little extra shape and a little more curve. Hence, my obsession with the Teresa bra, lightly lined with full support, and a very subtle curve. It’s pretty fun walking around the house by myself in sexy lingerie. I love my body more than ever right now, and so I’m treating it to really comfortable, well-made intimates and amazing fabrics.

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