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I was literally toasting on the black sand beaches of Maui this summer. The darker the sand, the hotter it actually gets. Within only 10 minutes, I could feel the tip of my nose and shoulders immediately turning pink. For some reason this particular beach wouldn’t show up on our GPS. With just a little wooden sign saying “beach,” we followed it down a tiny road leading to an absolutely perfect little black sand cove. The most off-the-beaten path you can get. What I remember most is the breeze, and chasing my hat down the beach everywhere I turned. But it was also it’s intense color palette that left me smitten.

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Now isn’t this the most stunning landscape you’ve ever seen? The sky so blue…the ocean behind me. It’s where the birds nest in Maui’s summer and also the pathway to the most beautiful of rocky cliffs. I certainly went off the beaten path a little during my stay, and got blown away in blue.

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