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I’ve partnered with Nexxus to take part in the #Lockin24 challenge with Nexxus Therappe and Humectress!

My hair has never really felt better. I went a few shades darker with my color. I had an amazing cut…my bangs feel a lot more light, framing my face. The ends of my strands feel super smooth. But it definitely took time for me to achieve extra healthy, strong hair. After my Nexxus salon experience, I decided it was time to dedicate a little bit more time each day to treating my hair. I began the #Lockin24 challenge with the Nexxus Therappe shampoo and Nexxus Humectress conditioner. For a little extra power, I have been using the Nexxus Encapsulate serum on the ends of my damp strands right after I shower, or first thing in the morning. The results are magical. Here is my hair, with 24 hours of moisture protection.

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The brand new Nexxus salon here in Tribeca, New York City is absolutely stunning. I’m so excited to give you the inside scoop on my salon experience, and darker, more mysterious hair! Nexxus is known for their Nature Science Salon products. Nexxus completely understands hair fiber and how it reacts to natural proteins. It wasn’t until my prep for the Tribeca Film Festival that I got my first incredible Nexxus protein treatment and I became hooked. Nexxus has been able to combine powerful ingredients from nature, it’s science to unlock it’s power, and heritage in the salon to make a statement with every single product. It’s amazing that their home base salon, once a place for private appointments and celebrity clientele, is now open to the public for bookings and appointments. Take a peek inside this stunning space.

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My sister is the one who really instilled this on me: “Always travel with your own hair products.” We’ve had our hair dyed in rainbow colors for campaigns, we’re always on set at different photoshoots and events and there’s always some hot iron running through our ends, or someone tugging at our scalps. I’ve been looking for any reason to give my hair a break. Our Tulum girl’s trip was the perfect place to start taking really good care of our hair and giving it what it needs, which is natural products. We promised ourselves that with our time frolicking on the beach and under the sun, we won’t use a hair dryer. No heat styling. Just amazing, natural products to refresh and hydrate our hair after every dive into the ocean. 

 Tulum is all about being eco-friendly and eco-chic. It inspired us to do the same, but not just on vacation, but every single day, by incorporating luxurious, natural products into our routine. That’s when Kérastase’s Aura Botanica collection comes into play. These new products are made of handpicked Samoan coconut & Moroccan Argan oils. I love that the products are responsibly sourced to help these exotic communities make most of their natural resources and thrive from them. Coconut Palms are the “tree of life” in Samoa. Kerastase has worked with the NGO Women in Business Development in working with over 200 farmers to supply local women with equipment and knowledge to produce high-grade coconut oil. Bringing this fair trade revenue to the Samoans helps preserve their unique culture and natural resources. I love that everything is done by hand to preserve it’s purity. The Moroccan Argan Oil comes from the foothills of the Little Atlas Mountains. Targarine is a project helping Berber women provide for their families by embracing their traditions and preserving the village’s natural ecosystem. The oil has high concentrations of Omega 6 and 9, giving my hair softness and shine. Now that you’ve got the inside scoop, let’s go over the products I used:

Aura Botanica Essence d’Éclat: an oil spray I used on both my wet hair and dry hair to refresh and restore it throughout the day. It has  jojoba, coconut, and organ oils with a touch of orange. It also has a subtle scant of rose water. It’s super light, without any oily residue. Just 3 sprints on both sides of my hair, and I let it air dry. My hair never felt so soft.

Aura Botanica Concentré Essentiel: It’s essential to my ends, which after a day in the ocean can feel a bit dull. I use it just before bed after taking a shower for some intense conditioning overnight. I sometimes use this on my body as well for added moisture. It’s that versatile.

Aura Botanica Bain Micellaire: This shampoo is light and airy. It leaves my hair squeaky clean with a shiny touch. 

Aura Botanica Soin Fondamental: This conditioner is super lightweight, but most importantly, is amazing with frizz-control…which makes it fantastic for air drying. 

The story behind these products is inspiring and really gave me a big picture into how we can make most of our world’s natural resources. It’s time we dedicate ourselves to the sustainable use of materials. Kerastase’s pursuit is to obtain the highest possible biodegradability for each formula, and I’m with them.




As most of you know, I just went through an exciting new hair change. And it’s called hair strobing: the use of color to highlight your best features. I am so excited to share my new Matrix “Rock n’ Strobe look. They’re really the only ones out there who have perfected the art of hair strobing and it’s honestly such a refreshing change. With summer, I’ve been craving color and something unique. I knew Matrix would be able to make my vision come to life. They have every color of the rainbow that can be mixed to perfection. Color that lasts a long time, and a line of products that are delicate on my fine hair.

Most of my career, I’ve let my hair be super natural. With modeling, I’ve become known for my blunt bangs and long dark brown hair. But being a blank canvas can sometimes get boring. My personality is colorful and quirky. I even wear a ton of color! My style is rebellious, daring, and out there. I worked with my Matrix stylist, Danielle Keasling, to come up with a look that was vibrant and extra bold, but still super wearable and went with my “always on the go, ready for anything” lifestyle. But seriously, I always like an easy look that can be styled any day of the week, on any set that I’m working on, or any travel destination. A look that went with just any look or mood I was in for the day.

My original intention was for purple because it’s always looked so glamour in brown hair. Eventually we threw in the idea of blues and greens, and fading out into a deep purple. But it isn’t any ombré. We went with bold bright hair strobing on pieces that frame my jaw, cheekbones, and heart-shaped face. Leaving my ends natural and letting the blues, greens, and purple pop from underneath when the wind blows, when I give myself a little curl, or have it up in my signature messy bun. It’s my own take on mermaid hair!

I couldn’t be happier with the results. It’s fun to catch people by surprise with a pop of the blue peeking behind my ears, or inside my braid. It makes me want to wear my hair up and rock a killer pair of earrings. The process of getting a new look in the salon is exciting, especially when you’ve got your girl tribe doing the exact same thing. Sometimes you really just need a change. Even it’s just a temporary color to go with the mood you’re in that month. Mine is for about 20 washes, but with good care and conditioning, my color has been lasting a bit longer. 

Matrix, you’ve brightened me up and I love how it shows a bit of my wild personality. Now I am addicted. What colors to go with next?!

Thank you to my Matrix family! Get the look with Matrix Rock ‘N’ Strobe!


images courtesy of Matrix