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I think I have the most fun when it comes to athleisure. NO KA’ OI mixes the spirit of Hawaii with incredible Italian-made design and quality. Here I am taking my nightly stretch in the most sick workout look I own. I’m in love with the 70’s inspired colors and stripes complete a futuristic, elegant touch. Check out that puffed sleeve and sleek silver shine. I don’t think you get more editorially high fashion when it comes to going to the gym. So brilliant. I might be home stretching out those sore muscles and doing yoga in my living room, but honestly, I can’t wait to take this top and style it up for fashion week. Who else thinks it’s a good idea?! I love when athleisure/workout gear can easily transform into something I can take to the street. NO KA’OI, you surprise me every single season.

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In the fall and winter, I spend a lot more time in my workout gear. Fall for evening runs. Winter for the gym…my favorite place to keep warm during a snowstorm. Therefore, I am constantly on the hunt for absolutely killer workout gear. Meet NO KA’OI, a super chic workout line that pushed boundaries in their eclectic, unique design. And guess what?! Their new collection just launched at Barneys, my top destination in discovering elevated and  emerging brands. Tracksuits with a rainbow down the side?! Count me in. NOKA’OI does color blocking unlike anyone else out there. See why I’m so obsessed?

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Meet the incredible new lululemon Fast + Free Crop Nulux collection. The Nulux fabric makes me feel nearly naked in the best sort of way. It’s that lightweight!! And when I’m working out, there’s nothing better and more motivating than feeling like you can run on top of clouds. Basically the Nulux collection is the next best thing to getting naked, without actually having to get naked.

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As the year comes to a close, I’ve been so caught up with so much last-minute work and holiday travels that I’m dying to get my butt back in the gym. Luckily, I’ve got the Equinox All-Access pass and I’ll be out here at the one in Marina Del Rey to do a little pre-Christmas sweat when I’m away from my home gym in Dumbo, Brooklyn. I want to end the year strong, and begin it strong as well. It should never just be a New Year’s Resolution. It’s a little mental daily goal. A little sweat energizes me, gets my brain waves flowing, and gets me more excited for the day. Getting in a good sweat makes me feel even better putting on my outfit for the day. When my body is in sync and healthy, everything else in my life feels extra in sync as well. Work, relationships, and living in the moment. I even remember to take my vitamins and eat my veggies. It reminds me why I should love my body and the skin I’m in. I never want a workout to feel repetitive, so I’ve thrown in many Equinox classes into my mix to keep myself inspired with every single sweat.

– For my breath: Vinyasa Yoga. It’s what I need as a cool down after a good cardio workout.

– Flexibility and toning: Gold Barre Pilates. Most of the time, I’ll do pilates on a reformer, but like anything, I want to switch things up. Gold Barre Pilates is a combo of barre and pilates, but inspired by ice-skating and the Olympics, something I was super obsessed with growing up. It’s so fun you forget how intense every move is when you have a smile on your face.

-Strength training: MetCon3. This class is super high intensity metabolic training class. It’s a mix of weights and cardio. After this, you’re definitely ready for a hearty brunch with your best friends.

– Core: 30 minute abs. This intense and quick class is perfect in the evenings. It uses weights and is a completely innovative way in working your core to the max. Plus, you learn some really amazing moves you can do at home or on-the-go.


// Full look from SIX02 : Koral Activewear sports bra and leggings, Nike jacket, Nike leather sneakers //


// Outdoor Voices sports bra, legging, and hat + Saucony sneakers //