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It’s festival season!! Coachella in Indio, California? Check. SXSW in Austin, Texas? Check. It’s in Texas where I whip out my classic leather cowboy hat. I’ve been getting far too much sun, but loving every single moment of it. SXSW is rowdy. The streets are closed down. The bars are open. There’s music everywhere you turn. The guitarist on the corner of the road. The back of the little jazz cafe. It’s a full week to immerse yourself in all different sounds. Different cultures.

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Bonnaroo has always been my favorite music festival. It’s gritty. It’s dirty. It’s hot. Everyone’s dripping in sweat on the dance floor. And it’s all about being an individual. Wearing all the colors of the rainbow. Dancing barefoot. Making friends with absolute strangers. High-fiving every single person you pass with a simple “Happy Roo!” You just feel everyone’s freedom and positivity. You immediately feel like you’ve left the real world and landed in a peaceful, wacky place that has literally no cares in the world. The only thing you have to worry about is what band is playing next and when you can hit your tent for a quick cat nap.

The Reef crew and I definitely know how to escape and adventure in our own crazy alternate universes. Making our mark and stamping each city with our footprint. Documenting our own stories. You could definitely say Bonnaroo is like an alternate universe. Out in the middle of Manchester, Tennessee! The festival is a grassy campground of smiling, dancing hippies, with one thing in common: the love for music. And you know us at Reef LOVE music. It inspires us to keep going if we’re somewhere out in the ocean crushing a new wave, or traveling to exotic locations for our next shoot, or simply taking on the New York City streets. Right now, I’m currently listening to “American Money” by BORNS and “Jimmy Franco” by Lolawolf. I love leaving a new city with a new tune to add to my forever growing playlist. Each song a reminder to live in the moment and feel the freedom we all felt in the crowds, dancing under the stars.

We counted all of our steps over the weekend, and we crushed miles and miles. We had an early morning to hike the Tennesse Old Stone trail. We walked across the famous John Seigenthaler Bridge to the Riverfront. We dancing for hours with our headphones on in the silent disco. Those long days on our feet are normally the best. Our Reef Rovers kept us company every step of the way. 

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// Reef Rover low sneakers, Rover HI-LE sandal, Reef hat, and backpack //



As you know, I’m a total festival go-er. I love getting down and dirty, traveling with just a tote, and a great pair of sneakers. Reef just launched the Reef Rover Slip-Ons, making the trek to through airport security to long days at the festival grounds a complete breeze. What’s coming up this weekend? Outside Lands in San Francisco. This music festival is definitely on my bucket list for next year. Man, I really do miss my West Coast family, but my Reef babes have me covered and I’ll be following along from home in NYC. You know I’m such a Rover girl. They’re like walking on a foamy cloud. That may be the best way to describe them. They call it Swellular Technology. Something that truly allows you to slip even wet feet after a day at the beach, to dancing at the bar at night. I like these best with bare legs, an indigo tie-dye romper, and a good hat to shade me from the sun. San Francisco is calling my name.

// REEF Rover Slip-Ons, Love Shack Fancy romper, Jerome Boccio handbag //




I have survived yet another festival. One I’ve always wanted to attend. LOLLAPALOOZA! Lolla! Lolla! Talk about fun. And tons of great music. I shimmied in some killer little get-ups by Missguided. Full on printed wide-leg jumpsuits. Bell sleeved rompers. And retro little shift dresses. Anything and everything made for dancing and running around town in the 90 degree heat. Lolla is a huge festival. Roads blocked off down Michigan Avenue and stages spread out through the entire park. The sound was insanely clear and with the downtown skyline twinkling in the distance, you couldn’t have asked for a better place to listen to your favorite bands. Between stops at the craft beer garden and munching on some of the best bahn-mi sandwiches I’ve had in a while, I still discovered a ton of new music.

FKA Twigs: This girl can seriously dance.

METALLICA: These rockers gathered the biggest crowd at the festival. Think Hells Angels rolling in straight from the metal bar. I love classic metal. Just steer clear of the giant mosh pit.

Sylvan Esso: The song Hey Mami is the newest addition to my playlist

Tame Impala: I’ve seen them at just about every festival this year, but they sounded extra excellent. Maybe it was just the Chicago air. Dragonflies everywhere, the perfect end of day breeze, that made their sound extra magical at sunset.

The Chainsmokers: one of the best DJ sets I’ve heard this weekend, kicking off after the tornado storm caused a Lollapalooza evacuation! Once the storm passed, everyone quickly swarmed back into the festival…with more energy than ever.
Toro y Moi: Nothing beats classic rock n’ roll.
Wild Belle: I saw them at Surf Lodge in NYC and was so happy to see this bohemian babe perform again at Lolla.
Albert Hammond Jr: Being the lead guitarist in his past band The Strokes, his sound definitely reminded me of that Lower East Side classic rock.
First Aid Kit: I’ve been listening to these Swedish sisters since they released “Ghost Town” in 2010. Folk, and oh so charming!

Between shows, you’d find me plopped down on my blanket with my girl tribe. Quick naps to keep us going. After 3 full days on our feet, we spent Sunday night at this amazing taco joint, Big Star, down in Wicker Park, to close our weekend with a good michelada. The Black Angels was blasting on the record player. Psych rock goodness. Reminding why I love Chicago and festival season. This weekend in Chicago was all about celebrating the love of music and I had a complete blast.


// MISSGUIDED jumpsuit //


// MISSGUIDED romper //


// MISSGUIDED dress //