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Milan. Fendi. Fitting. Showtime. Visiting the Fendi headquarters for Milan Fashion Week was an absolute dream. I immediately spotted Karl Lagerfeld nonchalantly strolling down the hallway in preps for the fashion show. I had to pinch myself from all the excitement…is this place even real? I couldn’t help but dreamily run my fingers through every long silk dress at our fitting. Every dress so perfectly sharp at the shoulders with an exaggerated, feminine waistline. It’s certainly the most flattering cut on any woman. So classic, elongating, and elegant. Dylana and I had a ball at our fitting… slipping into extra high waisted skirts and buttoning up into bright pink blazers. The fit was always so on point. I chose the iconic Fendi sock bootie and triple clutch bag as a finishing touch. Fendi has mastered the tongue-in-cheek, super eclectic look that still remains timeless. Bright bold hues with a beautiful play on luxurious texture. It’s no surprise Dylana and I both ended up choosing this Fendi F/W ’17 silhouette. We like to gravitate towards similar pieces yet pull it off in a completely different and unique way. Getting to play in such an iconic fashion house is nothing but a dream.

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Good morning everyone! I’m currently writing from my ocean view balcony here in Kapalua Bay, Maui with my Veuve Clicquot team and I couldn’t be happier. I have fallen in love with this balmy, Hawaiian air. NYC humidity, you’ll just have to wait until I’m back! So far, we’ve sipped countless glasses of champagne, had the best massages ever, and spent hours swimming with the sea turtles. It’s been magical. Anyways, I just wanted to say a little Sunday hello as it looks like I’ll be working remotely from my laptop for the next few weeks. Backlogged on emails and everything else, I’m too busy soaking in the sun on island time. Maui -> St. Martin -> then straight to London for a shoot. I’m in and out of NYC for the next month. EEEK!! I’m getting as much R & R today until I’m hit with Monday madness. In the meantime, check out this incredible Fendi ensemble I took to the streets of Tribeca.

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I’m in love with my Fendi Spring ’17 look, straight off the runway. Amazing knitted sock booties with a beautiful flowing dress, and nude bag. Check out the heels on these Fendi bad boys! They’re striped! I threw on some leather leggings, and voila, I made my Fendi Spring ’17 look fully prepped for these cold weeks in NYC. The collection is extra quirky and cheeky. It’s an unexpected take on luxurious neutrals. Do a play on textures in neutral palettes as a way to make a statement this season without having to walk out of the house dressed like a rainbow. But trust me, I do love my rainbows.

But as always, fashion week gets me thinking beyond just the outfits. We’re so “go, go go” that sometimes it’s nice to talk amongst ourselves about how much fashion week is actually changing. Bloggers are taking over the front row, and it’s amazing that our perspectives really do matter. Even in what feels like a saturated space, it’s amazing seeing my OG girls killing it in our industry…from walking the catwalk to taking over backstage. I’m talking about the girls from 2010 who made something out of nothing…creating careers and jobs with longevity that never existed 5 or 10 years ago. It’s exciting to be a huge part of this change and evolving with it. There’s room for everyone in this space. Designers are a lot more selective with how they’re doing their shows, who is going to their shows, and they’ve become a lot more wise on who their customer is thanks to bloggers and social media. Lately, I have been stressing the importance of quality versus quantity. I don’t care if you have a million instagram followers or the best seat at a fashion show. The blogging community is about daring to be you and using your voice to inspire and be inspired through everything you put out there. Even if that means making the world your literal runway for a day.


// Fendi Spring ’17 dress, Fendi handbag, Fendi shoes, Cinq a Sept coat, Zadig et Voltaire leather legging //