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London has convinced me that Dr. Martens are absolutely necessary…rain or shine…wherever I travel. They dress down my most classic of looks and are super practical. So needed once the grey patches of London rain come pouring down when you least expect it. Docs are so classically English that I couldn’t help but get myself multiple pairs. Best with a proper midi skirt, proper fuzzy knit, and extra proper English breakfast. Mayfair is what you would call posh and I absolutely loved my stay. I couldn’t help but peer into people’s homes, swooning over chandelier glistened hallways and exquisitely placed pottery, blossoming over windowsills. For my day off in London, it was exactly what I craved to do: meander. London is best by foot, or shall I say, a good pair of Docs.

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Can you believe I am once again going back to London this month? I have a super exciting shoot coming up that I can’t wait to tell you about. But besides that, I’m already thinking of a classic English afternoon tea…so ideal on a gloomy, rainy day in England. This time around, I want to explore spots I rarely have time to visit when I’m actually off duty. Notting Hill. Primrose Hill. Chelsea. Can you say posh? But with any trip to London, I go to Shoreditch, and not just for the absolutely brilliant Indian food, but to walk it’s adorable little streets, shop it’s eclectic selections of stores, and to simply people watch. Little did I know, I was matching the beautiful hunter green tiled walls outside the cafe…in nothing but Salvatore Ferragamo of course.

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Now I know why my Brit friends recommended to “pack a brolly” (yes, the term means umbrella) when they heard about my London escapade with British Airways (more on that in my next post). But it’s true that London really never stops raining. Usually you’ll find me on a flight to London in late February or September for a shoot or a few days of non-stop days at London Fashion Week, bouncing from show to show. It was a really nice having this slower pace. Focusing on the city, restaurant hopping, and watching endless amounts of movies on the plane. It was Easter the morning we arrived and I have never seen London so incredibly sleepy. I was beyond jet-lagged and though I could hit snooze a few more times in my hotel bed, I did manage to stroll out in the rain in search of the nearest pub. We ended up at The George just off of Somerset House, and had a full Sunday roast complete with mashed peas, potatoes, perfectly roasted chicken along with a side of fish and chips. Never had comfort food tasted so good. There’s something about the English pub culture that I love. You’ll always find that one guy that most likely slept overnight in the pub (this is a real thing) talking to himself over a glass of wine. Or you may be inches away from a bar fight. Luckily, everyone seemed drained from a weekend of Easter raving that our pub experience was extra chill…leaving us to fill our bellies in peace.

As for my wardrobe, I’ve been traveling so much lately for work that I can pack with my eyes closed. Turtlenecks in Europe are always a good idea. As is denim, sneakers, and a good wool coat. Minimal. I’m off to Paris this evening, and I definitely decided to glam up what’s in my suitcase for it seems we may have a really star-studded weekend. Stay tuned!


// APC coat, Diesel leather jacket, Jerome Bocchio handbag, 7FAM jeans, Vans sneakers //