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Sectional sofa: Interior Define. Leather dining chairs: Interior Define. Dress: Maggie Marilyn.

As winter comes along, I’m making my Dumbo, Brooklyn loft feel a lot more intimate, inviting, and cozy…and not just for me, but for all of the people in my life when they come to visit. That always starts with upgrading my living and dining room interiors and adding a lot more seating space so all of my guests feel like my home is theirs as well. I discovered Interior Define on a recent trip to Chicago, where I walked by their gorgeous boutique during a day of shopping. I went inside and fell in love with their clean aesthetic, with a close attention to details and quality. I came back to NYC and customized my selects on their online shop to perfectly work in my home.

Neutrals for me are a must. My home is a mix of soft blues, grays, concrete, wood, and little pops of red. I have been traveling so much this year. When I am home in NYC, I cherish every single moment I get to enjoy here. I love a shabby chic aesthetic that feels lived in and loved, but with a relaxing and elegant color approach. I love inviting friends over to cook a hearty breakfast, or simple circle around my living room space with a bottle of wine. A sectional sofa for me is a must. I had all this extra floor space, and just wanted a much larger couch that made for really stretching out on. This piece gives me that ahhh moment when I come home after a long work trip. The Ms. Chesterfield Sectional Sofa was perfect. I adore the old-fashioned men’s club design with really elegant tufting. It’s my go-to style in any home. I customized it in the fabric, Seed, which is a really amazing cross weave that adds a lot of dimension and warmth.

As for dining area, I have this really luxurious concrete and wood table, but I needed the perfect chairs to match. The Audrey leather dining chairs by Interior Define were just the right fit, with a super luxurious, sleek and modern design to match. You just sit in them and never want to get up. I chose the “New City” gray color with Matte Brass legs. You can choose between a few gorgeous and warm shades of leather with either Matte Black or Chrome legs. Each combination is absolutely divine. These chairs are just so yummy and so pretty to look at. I can’t wait to finally have my guests over and put them to good use.

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Being a homeowner has proven how worth-it it is to invest in quality, statement to keep forever. My Dumbo, Brooklyn loft is my sanctuary. It’s also my workspace. It’s eclectic. It’s unique. It’s contemporary. Meet these two stunning Stewart-Schafer icelandic sheepskin chairs…designed and made right here in Brooklyn. I’m so excited to tell you all about this amazing interior design duo.

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The brand new Equinox Dumbo location has that beautiful industrial feel that Dumbo is famous for and I’m so happy it’s joined the neighborhood! Clean and minimal with big open windows makes it the perfect place for me to clear my head and be in tune with my mind, body, and soul. First thing I do is turn off my phone and completely disconnect so that I have that one hour purely for myself. The amazing thing is the gym has everything you need when you’re craving that little energy boost. I’m assuming you guys haven’t gotten off your fitness kick from the New Year just yet? This year for me so far has been one finding out the workouts that I really love and finding my strength and balance. I travel so much for work that I have to schedule my workouts, plan classes, and everything else in-between. Equinox’s all access membership allows me to still travel the world for work, and still feel like I’m right at home getting in that daily sweat or stretch. I never focus exercise purely on body image because it’s an unhealthy way of motivation. I focus on the way exercising makes me feel. Pilates, dance, yoga! It’s more about feeling happy, focused, and energized in your own skin and that’s something I love Equinox represents. Pilates is my #1 and has worked wonders on my core, but I love to mix it up. Sometimes I’ll spend the morning solely in the stretch room…using resistance bands and zoning out in plank position. Other times you’ll find me at Equinox’s yoga class on a Saturday morning. Or maybe I just need those extra 10 minutes in the steam room. If nobody’s in the yoga room, it immediately turns into my own private dance studio. All I can say is that getting out a good sweat is the perfect beginning or end to my day. Equinox has helped keep my energy high, my head clear and focused, and my skin glowing. It’s insane how much a good workout routine has improved all areas of my life. I’ve never felt stronger and more in love with my body now just the way it is.

Tips for a quick workout: 

Yoga stretch (I like to start out in some simple yoga stretches…really lengthening your legs, arms, and neck)

15 minutes jumprope gives you a little sweat and energy.

15 minutes abs floor workout for your core.

15 minutes squats or lunges across the floor (with resistance bands and ball)

5 minutes burpies 

10 minute cool down on elliptical.

Stretch + steam.


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Getting my DUMBO loft together this year has been insanely fun. My first home in NYC that is finally a real home and I love putting of my eclectic touch to the place. I just felt I needed one last item. Something with color. Something that pops. An unexpected, unique touch that is still clean and minimal, but has a bit of personality. Meet my new dreamy pink chair and matching coffee table by PROMEMORIA. PROMEMORIA is based on Lake Como, Italy and not only is their furniture extremely well made…their high-end designs are unique, playful and so elegantly beautiful. They have antique roots going back to the 19th century, but a love for detail and special designs. Each piece meant to not only be a beautiful piece of art, but also meant to be lived in and loved in. The Vittoria chair in a bright pink velvet was the finishing touch to my home. Where I like to sip my morning coffee on a Sunday morning.

photographed by Emmy Park  

Featuring the PROMEMORIA  “Vittoria” chair and “Iko” coffee table.


PROMEMORIA “Vittoria” chair and “Iko” coffee table. Check out all of their COLLECTIONS here.

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