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You’ll notice that when you’re your happiest and most honest self, you attract positive vibes. Good things happen. Good people enter your life. So keep on smiling. Never lose your integrity. Don’t hate, just love. Be comfortable in your own skin. Imperfection makes us beautiful. Never ever stop believing in your dreams. Fight for it. Work for it. Think bigger and bigger. Anything is possible. Take care of yourself. Take care of your heart. Keep learning. Be in the know. Stay grounded. Be caring. Be thoughtful. Be strong. Take action. Be a good friend…a good sister, brother, daughter, mother, whatever. Be someone you can count on. Travel more. Be outside. Get out of your comfort zone. Don’t be like everyone else…be you. Be daring. Be excited every single morning to get up and do something amazing. Make time for things and people you love. What’s meant to be will be so never stop loving and living every single moment on this earth.

With EXPRESS Life, I’m sharing my mantra. Words that inspire me and keep me going in any situation in life. I’m sitting down to reflect in my favorite pair of EXPRESS flared jeans. Live in them.


// EXPRESS jeans, shirt, and earrings //

Thank you to Express for partnering with me on this post!



Summer is the ultimate time to play with your denim. Patches have been a thing of mine since grade school. Scuffed up your favorite pair? Add a new patch. Each one a reminder of a good times passed. Pacsun‘s new denim collection is all about those unforgettable, youthful moments with friends. Jumping over fences of the school yard to hide under the bleachers. Slipping on your favorite blue jeans over your bikini after a day of surfing. Packing that perfect one pair of jeans for a weekend on the road. Grass stained knees and raw edges. I like my rebellious pair with nothing but a sheer glittered blouse and my favorite ballet flats. California meet Paris meets New York City. My jeans should live on no matter where I go. I can’t wait to keep the patchwork alive with every single epic adventure. The collection is meant be belted. Lived in. Loved in.


// Pacsun patched girlfriend jeans, Keepsake top //




When it comes to denim, I go for the feel of the denim first. I love when they’ve been washed over and over again in the factory to make a super duper soft feel. Siwy Denim kills it in that department, and their latest A/W ’16 collection comes in all shapes and sizes. I mean who doesn’t love a classic culotte? But this one is anything but basic. The high waist and frayed hem gives it a sexy vintage look. High fashion but accessible. I like it with a super simple body suit and red pumps for a lunch meeting in Williamsburg. Leave it to me to brighten up a rainy day with a pop of red. I never see things as black or white.

// Siwy Denim “catherine” jeans, Wolford turtleneck, Paul & Joe coat, Ax + Apple necklace, Kamryn Dame jewerly, Aquatalia pumps //



This may be the most movable pair of jeans I own. You can literally do yoga in them. They’re that good. This is my go-to look for a weekend at the park. When I want to play with the boys, throw some hoops on the basketball court, and make up my own dance routines with my headphones on. It’s the tomboy in me. I love an easy tank top and some really classic black jeans. Plus, they make your bum look ace.

// Siwy Denim “felicity” jean, Camp Collection tank, Puma x Rihanna sneakers //



The higher the waist, the better. Siwy Denim’s the Jackie is beyond sexy because it’s simplicity and rich blue hue. You can style them anyway. This is a simple day-of-the-week look. A classic button-down, my favorite vintage scarf, and lace-up shoes. Belt or no belt required depending on your mood. How is it that jeans always get better with age? They just do.

// Siwy “jackie” jeans, VEDA leather jacket, Zara top and shoes //


see my Siwy Denim A/W ’16 campaign here.



Even when I’m headed out to a night that requires me to whip out my highest platform heels, I somehow manage to dress it all down with denim. The True Religion Cora Mid-Rise jean is a unique shade of blue with a slight fade that I just love. Best cuffed, and with something oversize on the top. Like a bohemian tunic blouse, and black silk scarf. Somehow I got caught on 42nd street, hailing a cab down to dinner at the West Village. Always running late. Always heading across town.


// True Religion Cora Mid-Rise jean, Ace & Jig tunic, Gucci handbag //