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// Ninon earrings, A Golde denim shorts, Sister Jane jacket //

I just wrapped up my trip to Miami Swim Week and boy, was it a blast. You could always find me here on our balcony at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach in between shows when I needed a quick breather. In the heat, I’m living in denim cut-offs. I’ve had this pair for years now and it continues to travel the world with me, making new memories along the way. I gave it a little glamour with a tweed jacket and oversize earrings, because why not? It’s Miami, and more is just more. 


// Polene Paris handbag, IRO Paris jumpsuit, FRAME boots //

Springtime in Brooklyn really is incredible. A rebirth. A new start. I can go bare legged. I can sit under a cherry blossom tree. I can bike the piers sans jacket. I can eat dinner on my rooftop. I can visit the flea. Suddenly, there’s so much more I want to do and taste and feel. Suddenly, the city is alive and so am I. 


// Tu es mon Tresor jeans, vintage Manuri shirt, Chanel bag, Suarez Sisters x APERÇU sunglasses, Reike Nen shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo hair clip //

Finding the perfect pair of jeans really does feel like you’ve found gold. It’s a treasure and takes time and patience. Tu es mon Tresor jeans are just as their name states…the jean you treasure and wear over and over again, creating stories and memories in that you’ll never forget. Sisterhood of the traveling pants anyone? I fell in love with the brands premium fabrics and perfect way of hugging the bum. I got myself three pairs, they are that good. Give it a kitten heel and a bow in your hair. Done. Time to head to my favorite family bakery in Chinatown and only because I want to show off how good I feel in these jeans. 


// Sezane jeans, Uniqlo x Alexander Wang bodysuit (similar), Soru earrings (similar) // 

I just got to play “Lay Lady Lay” by Bob Dylan to this photo series. I have worked with Sezane for so many years and it’s absolutely incredible to watch a brand grow so organically. Sezane lovers are true Sezane lovers. We’re talking lines outside the store on every product launch, and more Instagram buzz than you can imagine. It’s exciting to be a part of the love. It’s a brand that has and always be conscious of our earth, our humanity, and our surroundings, so it’s no surprise that their denim relaunch is 100% sustainable. Each pair is made of 100% organic cotton, and produced with recycled water. The denim processing is also waterless with an overall 83% less use of chemical productions and 2x less water used than regular production. I really can lay around in these all day. So for those of us who are taking more and more steps to a more sustainable wardrobe, we can start simply with a pair of jeans.