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I am giving you the very first look at Cartier‘s new bag. It’s so fresh and exclusive that it still hasn’t been named. Can you believe it? So we’ll just have to call it the NEW BAG for right now. It’s a new twist on the iconic Cartier jewelry box design. A luxurious deep red with an intricate gold design. I was in Paris Fashion Week with the Cartier team specifically for this super special launch. I was stunned to see the Cartier groomsmen come to our hotel room at Hotel de Crillon with a beautiful red box in hand! Dylana and I couldn’t help but giggle seeing the handsome groomsmen bouncing from room to room delivering the goodies to the team. They surprised me with a custom initialed bag. So delicate and elegant, I couldn’t help but stop and stare. Things like this only happen in Paris right? I immediately started playing dress up in our room in anticipation of this exciting and exclusive launch. I felt it went perfectly with a giant dotted gown and pale pink lip. I can always count on Cartier to make me feel like the woman I want to be.

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Right now, more than ever, I’m inspired by classic elegance. It’s a look that will never go out of style. This was a killer highlight of the year, working with Cartier throughout 2017. Here I am at the Cartier Mansion on 5th Avenue just before the space became open to the public, but only for a few days of course. I was draped in the Tutti Frutti collection. This maroon piece is new, from today’s collection, while the blue piece is a vintage original…a real collector’s item. Cartier High Jewelry is the most unique of all, worn by icons all over the world like Grace Kelly and Elizabeth Taylor. Cartier High Jewelry is oversize, decadent, drool-worthy. There’s no holding back…go all out. It’s amazing how a fur shawl and gorgeous diamonds can really dress up my most simple tank dress. That’s the beauty in this look…making something simple, extraordinary.

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