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I gravitate towards fringe, straw hats, and the sunny side of the road. I guess growing up in an old cowboy town of Los Angeles County made me a fan of driving the open road alongside acres of farm land. Oh, and there’s the heat. Nothing beats the feel of that dry heat warming my face the moment I step off the airplane.

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The last day of NYFW calls for my favorite look and favorite show: Anna Sui. The colors she uses are just so rich. It’s like walking out of a different time period, or should I say a different time zone. I always feel a 70’s inspiration from her designs, but this time there was  a bit of 1920’s flapper influence combined with a Victorian twist thanks to the added ruffled necklines and fluffy cuffs. Like most of Anna’s shows, it’s never one point of inspiration that goes into each piece. It seems each design comes from a mix of decades, to be interpreted anyway you choose. The way she mixes styles and inspiration look seamless and effortless. Dresses in prints with matching printed tights and sparkling platform sandals. Belts cinched so perfectly around the waists of iridescent green and red dresses. Iridescence was a huge theme in this show in particular. A perfect mix of bold color, metallics, and flowing fabrics that were pleasing on the eyes. Her vintage inspired hemlines, necklines, and ruffled sleeves are so eclectic rock n’ roll. I feel proud wearing her pieces every single season. They just make me want to dance, sing, and move with the wind! Pieces where I can let my personality shine without saying a word. Now that’s art.


// Anna Sui look, Vintage coat, Dear Frances boots, Gucci handbag //



It’s very Janis Joplin of me to go for this stellar crochet pant suit by Anna Sui for NYFW. I always go for the most outrageous outfit, can’t you tell? It’s just like my personality. Outspoken, a little out there, no filter. And I love myself some serious FLOWER POWER. Never in my life have I owned a pantsuit with this many pleats. This much lace! This much embroidery! Imagine how much work went into making this ensemble. Applaud to queen Anna Sui. I adore this woman. My excitement for the last show during NYFW is always hers. My heart stops a little when I see floral mini dresses mixed with cowboy boots and glittery vests. I swoon over anything with a psychedelic velvet print that could easily come out of a rainbow. When I think of her, I think of Mick Jagger. Jimi Hendrix. Heart. Stevie Nicks. Growing up, they were all I listened to. All I wanted to identify with. It’s what made me want to sing. To pick up a guitar. It’s influenced my photography. It’s even influenced the way I like my pants hemmed. The messy bangs and dark lipstick. Singing on stage so deeply, you can see the sweat dripping off their faces with every moan and groan. I admire the passion for music of the 70’s that I’ll continue to live through it and learn more about it with my wild ass outfits and record player. Thanks Dad for handing me down your knowledge on really good music…and style. To always be a rockstar.

Better yet, I’ll continue to live through the 70’s with Anna.


Magic Man by Heart

The Battle of Evermore by Led Zeppelin

Miss June ’75 by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Loving Cup by The Rolling Stones

Anemone by The Brian Jonestown Massacre

People are Strange by The Doors

Ramble On by Led Zeppelin

Smells like Teen Spirit by Patti Smith


// Anna Sui cardigan and pants, Miu Miu handbag, Marc Jacobs boots //



There is always something so mystical about Anna Sui. Lord & Taylor right now has the absolute most perfect collection of Anna Sui, all of my #FavoriteThings. I spotted this poncho online and it reminded me something the eskimos and the natives would throw over themselves in the cold mountains of Iceland. Bohemian, raw edges, and beautiful. Her statement pieces always feel like they’ve come from a different time and different place. This piece I can’t wait to wear on a beautiful snow day on Christmas. It’s such a standout piece that all you need is a good black layering piece, jeans, and your best pumps.


// Anna Sui poncho (avail at Lord & Taylor), RES Denim, Wolford turtleneck, Ouigal shoes //


And then there is the Anna Sui that’s out of a fairytale. Her folk dresses amaze me with their electic floral prints, mixed with a touch of Asian influence. I’ve been a huge fan of Anna Sui for as long as I can remember, and what I loved most about her was her ability to use prints. Her ability to turn everything into every rock n’ roller’s dream. You can never go wrong with a dress like this. The colors so vibrant and immediately get me in the holiday mood.

This holiday is about your #FavoriteThings. For me, my #favoritethings are my family, friends, and of course, some exotic beautiful items to keep for a lifetime in my wardrobe. To win some of your #FavoriteThings head over to Lord & Taylor on Instagram or Twitter to see their holiday sweepstakes!


// Anna Sui dress (avail at Lord & Taylor), DKNY tights, Botkier bag, Ouigal boots //