NYFW was such a whirlwind. It consisted of super early mornings, and really late nights between all of the shows and photoshoots. But let’s not forget the after-parties. I’m talking special performances like Travis Scott and Gucci Mane, lines out the door, and rosé literally pouring out of the water fountains. Only in NYC, I guess! It feels amazing to finally wake up from a proper night’s sleep. But now, it’s time to press REWIND and sashay through through the best of the week…like this designer look, all from Saks. They call it #SaksRunway. A Balenciaga silver knit, stunning Givenchy pants, Proenza Schouler handbag, and the most wild Gucci platform shoes. VA-VA-VOOM. You know I’m a huge fan of anything that glitters and sparkles. I took this look to my Saks and WWD Dimension panel at the Samsung lounge, where we spoke about how fashion and technology meet, and of course, went over all of the hottest trends out there at the moment, including sparkle and shine. We had a packed house in the crowd, but I saw a few familiar faces in the distance, making all the nerves go away. The last thing I wanted to do was trip in front of everyone with my 4 inch heels…

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I love feeling like I’m having a spa experience in my own home. If I’m having a long and stressful day, I honestly can’t wait to get home, wipe off my makeup, and put on a face mask because come on, face masks fix everything…mentally and physically. I happen to take my nightly skincare routine very seriously. My skin has always affected my mood. If I’m having a clear day, everything is sunshine. If I see a blemish, all hell breaks loose. Summer is coming to a close, I’ve been focusing more on the texture of my skin because luckily, my break-out phase has surprisingly faded through the years. It’s now that time of year to remove all the dead skin on my surface and reveal the new! I don’t mind taking that one extra step into my skincare routine because first of all, it’s helps me unwind…plus, it shows a huge difference in my skin the moment I wake up. Clay has been the secret ingredient that works for me. The Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Cleansing Mask has been my skin detoxifier as of late.

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These happen to be some my favorite images from my latest campaign for Hunter Boots and it was all about hot, hot, heat. Hunter does chic, waterproof, outerwear unlike anyone else. In NYC, we get our muggy thunderstorms, rain, and cloudy skies. On the other side of the spectrum, we get the scorching hot sun and beautiful blue skies. With NYFW quickly approaching, I’m picturing perfect 75 degree weather, made for full days out on our feet, sashaying to the catwalk. But no matter what, this city girl is always prepared…with a pocket full of sunshine.

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Dylana and I grew up wearing Anna Sui…she is one of the main reasons we fell into fashion. I find it so beautiful the way she can tie in culture, rock n’ roll, and different eras into a single look. Her runway show is my favorite every single season. I’m always blown away with her eclectic touch and out-of-this-world imagination when it comes to design and style. You can tell Anna has a serious love for music, always making vintage rock n’ roll trends new again. I hear a string of Jimi Hendrix’s guitar and a roar of Janis Joplin’s voice whenever I shimmy into one of her amazing metallic dresses. Her designs always feel a bit mysterious… they certainly have a darkness to them, with a whole lot of quirky cool. I can spot an Anna Sui design and print from a mile away. They’re unlike anything I’ve seen out there. Her latest collections have been a mix of the wild, wild west with a romantic touch. I’m so excited that Anna Sui has collaborated with INC International Concepts, a brand at Macy’s to make her unique designs even more attainable. They feel straight off the runway, yet super wearable. Trust me, this is one collaboration you’re not going to want to miss out on.

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