I was literally toasting on the black sand beaches of Maui this summer. The darker the sand, the hotter it actually gets. Within only 10 minutes, I could feel the tip of my nose and shoulders immediately turning pink. For some reason this particular beach wouldn’t show up on our GPS. With just a little wooden sign saying “beach,” we followed it down a tiny road leading to an absolutely perfect little black sand cove. The most off-the-beaten path you can get. What I remember most is the breeze, and chasing my hat down the beach everywhere I turned. But it was also it’s intense color palette that left me smitten.

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I was never one to shy away from color. The more vibrant, the better. And nope, this isn’t a dress. Simply a skirt and one of my favorite crop tops, sashaying through the tree-lined sidewalks of Bryant Park. The colors here are a mix of Brazil meets All-Americana. Stripes and abstract shapes that blend perfectly with the strong color, red. Pretty unexpected huh? Being back in NYC, and gearing up for September NYFW, always gets me thinking: “how did summer go by so fast?”

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Did you know that your skin locks in the most moisture when it’s wet? I’ve teamed up with Jergens to share with all of you a product that has become an essential part of my daily routine that I can’t live without: Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer with Refreshing Coconut Oil. I’ve tried everything…from buttery creams, to light fragranced lotions. Some products felt too heavy and would rub off on my clothes…others just didn’t give me enough moisture. With Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, I found something that really works for me and my super hectic lifestyle, so I’ve stuck with it. In one afternoon I could be jumping from the pool to the ocean, and finally in the shower…only to quickly dry off, change, and head out to dinner. Between all the running around, I want my skin to feel extra soft…to feel protected and hydrated. I want to have fun, get ready quick, and still have incredibly soft, silky skin. The Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer is meant to be applied on wet skin, so I keep it in my shower for daily use. Besides locking in 2x more moisture and letting my skin breathe, I also get ready twice as fast once I hop out of the shower.

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Staycations not only refresh me mentally, but physically. Waking up in a new part of town with a fresh copy of The Times. Taking a run outside in an area I wouldn’t normally venture out to. Getting in that few extra hours to snooze in your bath robe after what felt like a work week of 7 am call times. It’s being able to disconnect, retreat, and give yourself a little love in what feels like getting caught up in a city rush. The real me would love to stick in my yoga pants anytime of the week post-workout, but this time, I packed along a perfect dress-over-blouse situation for that sudden urge to go dancing. Staycations are a time for me, as a beauty lover, to also dig into my beauty dresser and whip out some new products to test. I never wear any makeup on the weekends…it’s so important to let my skin breathe and treat it with a little extra care. With every getaway, I give myself a new scent and memory. This time, my scent was By Terry’s Baume de Rose. Here are 3 amazing products that might fit for what your skin is really craving right now. That combined with a few extra hours of laying horizontal or outside on the move, leaves me glowing.

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