I gravitate towards fringe, straw hats, and the sunny side of the road. I guess growing up in an old cowboy town of Los Angeles County made me a fan of driving the open road alongside acres of farm land. Oh, and there’s the heat. Nothing beats the feel of that dry heat warming my face the moment I step off the airplane.

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London has convinced me that Dr. Martens are absolutely necessary…rain or shine…wherever I travel. They dress down my most classic of looks and are super practical. So needed once the grey patches of London rain come pouring down when you least expect it. Docs are so classically English that I couldn’t help but get myself multiple pairs. Best with a proper midi skirt, proper fuzzy knit, and extra proper English breakfast. Mayfair is what you would call posh and I absolutely loved my stay. I couldn’t help but peer into people’s homes, swooning over chandelier glistened hallways and exquisitely placed pottery, blossoming over windowsills. For my day off in London, it was exactly what I craved to do: meander. London is best by foot, or shall I say, a good pair of Docs.

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I am such a fan of opposites. As for my style, it’s true that opposites attract. Like here, sashaying down the grassy fields of the Bonnaroo campground in this most glamorous Ji Oh fringed dress. Why not? Or throwing on a completely unexpected bucket hat just for the fun of it. Just like at any outdoor music festival, anything goes. Yep, Opening Ceremony brought back the bucket hat. Are you ready for all this summer madness?

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The amazing thing about Bonnaroo is that it’s like a circus. Crazy outfits. Colors flying everywhere. Reds, oranges, pinks, and purples. All shades of the sun and sunset. You can be whoever you want to be in the hot Tennessee heat every single summer. It’s a personal fun house of sorts.

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