Black/Red midi dress: DVF. Paillette jacket: DVF. Blue dress (on Dylana): DVF. Pumps: Malone Souliers. Sunglasses: Cutler + Gross.

It’s certainly in statement pieces like these that Dylana and I feel most like women in charge. We gravitate towards pieces with character. Pieces that tell a story. We’re excited to reveal our latest shoot for DVF, where we took 3 amazing DVF looks through an evening of getting cocktail ready. It always begins with shoes all over the floor as we’re finding just the right sock to pair with our sandal. It could be texting one another from our houses with dress options. We ‘ll help do each other’s makeup on the living room floor. But most of all, we love color and color coordinating and complimenting. Dylana and I ended up going for black fringed pieces made for shimmering on the dance floor. No matter where we’re going, we wear pieces that have that wow factor. 

Diane Von Furstenberg is such an empowering woman and whenever I hear her speak, I leave the room with a new, brighter perspective. She represents strength, softness, wisdom, and everything in between, and she just fills as room with her lovely presence and energy. As this shoot came up and we sat down to chat with the DVF team about what it means to be a woman in charge, I started really thinking about it. Women can do anything now. You can create your own path and I feel like I never followed the traditional path in life, whatever that is. I feel women can really invent their own future. I think it’s about having that mindset of waking up in the morning feeling in control and excited, and ending the day feeling proud of what you achieved, big or small, and keep going. It’s the ability to think for yourself and use your voice. It’s the ability to be strong and vocal, yet kind. It’s the ability to laugh at yourself. Most of all, being a woman in charge involves respecting and valuing your self worth. Dylana and I have each other to lift ourselves up from just about anything. We are each others daily reminders to be kind to ourselves and to believe in ourselves. I feel most in charge when we’re together. Nothing can stop us now. 

Dotted dress: DVF. Green dress (on Dylana): DVF. Pumps: Manolo Blahnik. Pink heels (on Dylana): Christian Louboutin.

Black dress: DVF. Black top (on Dylana): DVF. Black skirt (on Dylana): DVF. Pink bag: STAUD. Blue/Green bag (on Dylana): Charlotte Simone.

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Lip and Cheek: Stila Cosmetics Convertible Color in Camelia. Eyeliner: Stila Cosmetics Liquid Eyeliner. Eye shadow: Stila Cosmetics Glitter & Glow liquid eye shadow in Kitten. Skin: Stila Cosmetics Lingerie Soufflé.

Lingerie Soufflé. Yep, it’s Skin Perfecting Color by Stila Cosmetics. Light like lingerie. Whipped like soufflé. It’s the first time I’ve used something that doubles as a translucent veil with advanced pigments and particles that blur and even my skin. It’s makeup that doesn’t look like makeup. This is my go-to day look. A super subtle cat eye with a liquid liner, and one of my favorite new products, liquid eyeshadow. I use liquid eyeshadow to just dab on over traditional eyeshadow for a little hint of sparkle. That along with a pinched cheek and soft lip feels youthful. This look just feels fresh, fresh, fresh!

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Dress: Preen. Handbag: Prada. Shoes: Coach (few seasons ago). Ring: Olivia Burton London.

It is pieces like this Preen dress that really excite me. Exaggerated shoulders. Unexpected colors. I could go on and on and dissect this one incredible piece because I just love it so much. Oh, and catch a glimpse at my newest obsession, the Prada Sidonie handbag. See below for all the colors it comes in! I got to really paint Manhattan blue and green on this very gloomy day just before it began to rain. These two luxurious statement pieces just work. Preen and Prada. Those are certainly my two favorite P’s.

So far, I have been spending a lot more time in NYC. It has allowed me to be super productive. Winter hibernation is the perfect time to cook up new ideas and really visualize what I want my new year to be like.  It’s so important to take moments for yourself, to wrap your head around goals and aspirations. And believe me, I have plenty. There will always be that constant need to continue to create meaningful and thoughtful content, just on to the next level. I’ve just wrapped up some really amazing projects this month, with exciting new work on the horizon that I’ll be documenting on here every week. Spending all of this extra time in NYC has allowed me to focus and re-center. It’s allowed me make my house feel more like a home. It’s allowed me to tap into the things that move me like creating short fashion films and singing and dancing and discovering new ways to express myself. I’m certainly using this time in the Big Apple to do what fuels me before I have to pack up again and fly to another destination for work. And being somewhat of a homebody in my own bustling city is exactly what I needed right before a very hectic fashion month. And boy oh boy, am I excited for another inspiring NYFW. This season, you’ll see me in a lot of color. Bold shoulders, loads of plaids, and statement dresses! I think everyone is going to be ready to party after this short winter hibernation.

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Jacket worn as a top: Mulberry England. Pant and Trench coat: Mulberry England. Handbag: Cartier. Heels: Christian Louboutin. Sunglasses: Jacques Marie Mage.

Paris is currently buzzing with couture week and though I am actually stuck in NYC working on projects, I can’t help but do a quick flashback to my Paris uniform. I had just left a long brunch at the very elegant Apicius restaurant, soaking in all it’s beauty in the courtyard. It’s a spot I could stay at all, sipping a cappuccino and catching up with friends or simply lying down on the grass with a good book. Classically Parisian, yes? This is a look that will remain timeless and forever in my closet. It’s my version of the 3-piece suit. A little cropped jacket as a top, oversize flared trousers, and a really gorgeous and lightweight wool trench coat. This is a look that could easily be thrown on with beat-up leather combat boots, but for Paris, I always step it up a notch, slipping into a delicate Christian Louboutin mule and grabbing my Cartier Guirlande bag before heading out the door. It’s funny that wherever I go, I tend to adapt. I get inspired by the grand architecture, the gloomy weather that makes you want to curl behind a cup of coffee, and the effortless je ne sais quoi. Paris will always be a spot that I get to go back for work to. Short, but sweet, with a hectic schedule and a lot of jetlag. This year, I’ve been mentally preparing for my year of travels. I’m ready to see new places, new countries. I’m sure there are many more places that will give me the same amount of inspiration that Paris always does time and time again.

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