This beautiful Shelter Island, NY abode is home to interior designer, Jonathan Adler. The moment I walked through the bold orange front door, I immediately stopped and gasped. Once you soak in the gorgeous and eclectic decor, you’ll notice it’s floor-to-ceiling glass windows, looking out to it’s own private beach. Talk about breathtaking. This interior designer really knows how to make a statement.

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The Lavender Farm in Maui was perched high up on the hill in the middle of the island. On a morning so foggy, you could only see clouds rolling out into the ocean below. Peaceful. I couldn’t wait to awake my senses as scent and fragrances are some of my favorite things to discover. My powder room has a whole shelf dedicated to perfumes from around the world, lavender being something I love to lather on my body before bed. It’s a scent that just makes me melt. Lucky for us, the lavender fields were in bloom….they smelled so fresh and delicate. I wanted to pluck the whole garden and take it home with me! It’s a soft, feminine, yet so powerful scent. One to pluck and stick in a book to dry up to keep forever.

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After my numerous trip to London for work, I finally feel like I’m connecting more and more to this beautiful city. I’m so excited to be sharing my own personal London guide here with British brand, Superdry. I’ve known Superdry for years here in the U.S, but I was beyond excited to get to explore the capital city of their home country, and share my own stories and experiences in this lively and super cool city. Superdry defines British chic with a mix of classic, sporty, and laid-back pieces. I lean to Superdry for their classically English trench coats, brilliant bombers, and fantastic summer staples. We’re talking super sweet smock dresses, matching leather twin sets, and extra slimming high waisted jeans. It’s at Superdry that I can grab and go for both basics and the not-so-basic necessities. London style, to me, is both classic and eclectic. It’s the birthplace of rock n’ roll. It’s also the birthplace to anything posh. You get the best of both worlds.

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I am officially a lipstick junkie. As I dig through my beauty drawers, I found 3 amazing shades to wear for the rest of summer. A pinkish-brown lip pencil, a sorbet orange tint, an iridescent stick that goes over any color you choose. All so different, yet all amazing with a bare face. I skipped foundation this day in my house…just a few swipes of concealer and highlighter to get me camera ready. Just as any French girl would do. Oh, and for all who will ask: amazing silk dress is by JH.ZANE.

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