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Jacket: Mulberry. Skirt: Mulberry. Bag: Mulberry. Shoes: Lena Ezriak

I just want to shimmy and shake in this feathered skirt, or shall I say skort. It has built in shorts! They can’t be anymore perfect for dancing. The holidays are over? I don’t want to believe it. I’m still in that very festive state of mind. Mulberry happens to be my go-to for an eclectic night out in Paris. It seems I’m always living out of a hotel wherever I go for work. I wouldn’t mind having the stunning Hotel de Crillon as my home base. But this week, I’m trading in my croissants for green juice as I settle in on the west coast. I’m currently working in LA, shacked up at the iconic Chateau Marmont. It’s exciting waking up in a new place and I enjoy all the people watching and celebrity sighting. Everyday is one to explore no matter where I am in the world.

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Coat: Isabel Marant. Top: Andreeva. Skirt: Andreeva. Shoe: Minna Parikka. Sunglasses: Poppy Lissiman

I am standing right dab in the middle of the Nevada and Arizona state line, but it sure looks more like I’m on top of the moon. I have been living in this giant Isabel Marant puffer coat I snagged on Luisaviaroma (before it completely sold out!) through my recent road trip. It sure is a statement and a perfect piece to start off 2019 with a big bang. The start of a brand new year always feels very refreshing. I can hardly wait for the incredible surprises that are yet to come. I can only dream what 2019 will hold! All I know is, I’m not holding back. I’m excited to freely express myself in new ways. To be fearless. To be strong. To be inspired. I love being pushed creatively to new heights. Thanks to you and Team Suarez, I feel so lucky to have this amazing support system that allows me to purely be me. To evolve and grow. Let the magic begin. Cheers my loves to feeling over the moon with excitement for what’s to come!

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Everything: Carolina Herrera

In Dubai, it’s all about glamour. This is a city that loves and lives for luxury. I felt completely at home because there was so much NYC in Dubai. Being a city full of expats from all over the world, you really get a taste for so many diverse cultures. But I wanted a real taste of the city’s Middle Eastern culture. We visited the desert of Dubai simply on a safari complete with scarves around our heads to protect us from the sun and wind while we clutched onto the bumpy ride for this thrilling adventure. Dylana and  I were in town shooting with Carolina Herrera, so of course I styled up some amazing CH pieces like stunning silk scarves tied as a top, a gorgeous maxi skirt, along with the beautiful Insignia bag. There is something so iconic about the desert here in Dubai. The sand and hills go on as far as the eye can see. I love the color pops here contrasted against the soft, sandy hills. It was a super hot, but beautiful afternoon. We sipped on traditional tea with the locals before zooming through the desert in our bright red jeep scouting out shooting locations. I love being able to move and play with iconic poses out here in the open land. It was freeing. Before we got a bit too sunburn, the team and I headed to Al Maha, a resort and spa in the middle of the desert for a little R&R. We had a delicious brunch out on the porch, while gazelles walked freely by us. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen. A very peaceful, serene moment that can never be recreated again. I just soaked it all up pinching myself at how lucky I was to be right there in that moment.

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Dress: Preen by Thornton Bregazzi. Boots: Frye. Earrings: Annika Inez

My love for Preen by Thornton Bregazzi continues with this spectacular red sequin midi. But it’s not just any sequin party dress, it’s a piece of art. I want to collect every single one of Preen’s dresses. I took this piece through the Mojave Desert yesterday on the way to Viva Las Vegas. Clearly, I have that old school Nevada glamour on my mind. I love the contrast of something so glamorous against something so simple, dusty, and raw. We hopped out of the car and caught that very last light of sunset. It brought out the fire red color even more. I feel so inspired and free in this environment. A dress made of dreams, windswept hair, and a worn-in pair of cowboy boots. I will always love the quiet and peacefulness of the open road. Today I’m keeping things short and sweet as I’m away on holiday. I tend to get more inspired as I’m on the road, coming up with new concepts and grabbing my camera. Team Suarez never stops. Keep checking back in for more in the wild, wild west.

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