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The sweatshirt just got majorly elevated thanks to a new designer I love: Maggie Marilyn. Check out these finger length sleeves of my sweatshirt draping casually and a bit messily over a most decadent ruffled skirt (that is actually a dress!), also by the brand. I slipped on a pair of Christian Louboutin heels to complete the look because Paris Fashion Week makes me want to go that little extra mile when it comes to luxury. Red bottoms for the win! Now this is a look that I want to get up and go do things in. And trust me, Team Suarez has been doing a lot lately. We never stop! It’s come to a point where I have to pencil in the normal stuff like dinner with friends and simply attending a workout class. And trust me, I always make time for the normal stuff because it’s the best part of my day. Every one of my days is different and it seems every one of my hours has a “schedule” and sometimes I just want to click the pause button. There are weeks where I could be living in a hotel in a new city, or here in home base of NYC…early mornings checking emails, afternoons shooting, followed by evening meetings and press events. Team Suarez has been extra busy lately, but never busy enough for what’s important to feel on top of our game.

I’ve been spending my “off duty” time finding my balance, feeling clarified and more centered. I’m beginning to become more free and less “planned” when it comes to getting dressed and shooting looks. The more my business grows, the more responsibilities I take on. Getting dressed and shooting and being a part of the creative process suddenly becomes the fun and easy part of my job. With being back home, I love finally being back in my routine of desk time, fitness time, boyfriend time, and friend time. I love to go, go, go yet sometimes wish I didn’t have to always check my clock. With that, I’ve really become more aware of how I can add a little more wellness into all parts of my life so that I can feel balanced, strong, and mentally inspired. With what I do, self-care is more important than anything. I like trying new things and seeing how it has a positive impact on my daily life: think more family time, vitamin boosters in my smoothies, and that extra hour of sleep. It’s the little things that keep me going to feel good….giving me the energy to accomplish so much more on the daily. Now, I can’t wait to hit the snooze button for a hot second. But let’s get one thing off the agenda, what am I going to wear tomorrow?

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If you’ve ever been to Aspen or simply just love live music, you may have heard of Belly Up Aspen. They have completely pushed the boundaries of a small live music venue. Now a household name, this intimate music venue brings in big acts from all over the world including names like Diplo, Joe Cocker, The Chainsmokers, LCD Soundsystem, and comedy legends such as Dave Chappelle and Adam Sandler! Aspen, at this time of year, is absolutely perfect. We’re talking beautiful lodges on the mountain, afternoons hitting the ski slopes, followed by a drink with friends over at Belly Up Aspen. Now, that’s a ritual that will forever live on. To me, music, fashion, and travel completely intertwine. The Belly Up Collection is a fashion brand influenced by the live music experience they’ve created. Here, I went for a tank and super soft hoodie that I’ll wear over and over again.  Belly Up Collection is now on it’s second season and I’m so excited because it’s wearable, soft, and just a classic staple. Here, I’m sporting both the crop hoodie and muscle tank.I have been layering them like crazy these past few days. I have to admit, I even sleep in them, and wear them on the plane… they’re that good. But most importantly, the collection will always remind me of what I love about Aspen. A super chic city that is all about sports, music, discovery, the outdoors, and having a good time. What’s not to love?

By the way, the beanies I wear so much are by Love Your Melon, and I love what this brand stands for. Love Your Melon is all about giving back and they have partnered up with Belly Up Collection to create an awesome co-branded patch on the hat. They are dedicated to giving a hat to every child battling cancer in America. They also support many other non-profit organizations who lead the fight against pediatric cancer. It’s the warmest, most comfortable beanie I own, and I have them in just about every color. This LYM hat is exclusive to Belly Up Collection so be sure to grab them now! Time to keep our melons warm no matter where we’re traveling this season.

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Milan this past Milan Fashion Week was the coldest it’s ever felt for me. This huge shearling coat was my best friend this past season…that along with a great pair of tights and over-the-knee boots. Now that I’m living in tee-shirts and jeans here in Los Angeles, I forget how much I adore these luxurious textures and pieces in my closet. I kept myself super busy with fashion week appointments and shows, which made me somewhat forget how brutally chilly it was outside. My rule: keep moving. As an LA native, I am shocked at how well I handle these intense winters. Maybe it’s because I literally never stop. My mind is always elsewhere…the weather will just have to do!

Some of my Milan highlights this season were Bally and Tommy Hilfiger. Completely different, yet both relatable to my style. Bally felt fresh and youthful this season, with a classic 70’s twist with bright red shearling collars and retro black chelsea boots. It was a very sleek and sophisticated take on vintage classics. Tommy’s show was on the sporty, All-Americana side of the spectrum. Think biker shorts and striped race car driver moto jackets and leather pants. I left Milan feeling inspired as ever, though the jet lag was officially kicking in. Despite crazy weather, we explored, we ate, and we met a lot of wonderful people. I even got to do the lucky spin for the first time ever in the heart of the Duomo! I am just happy to look back and see we’ve survived one very intense and very cold fashion month. Since then, I’ve been traveling again yet taking things a little bit slower. I’m home in LA this weekend. It’s a good 90 degrees and I’ll be by the pool and hot tub for most of the afternoon. All that hard work and travel has really paid off. Time to enjoy what the new season has to offer.

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The best place to unwind: at our treehouse at the Aqua Wellness Resort in Nicaragua. My sister recommended we head there with our group for a full 7 night stay of total relaxation. I’m not used to staying a week in any one spot when I’m traveling. I’m used to going here and there and around the world for only few days at a time before heading home to NYC or LA. Sometimes, I don’t like being away from home for over a week, but this time, I needed it. It was my first time at the resort and it was incredible. Trust me, I needed the downtime and little escape because lately, I’ve been working so much. A getaway from the cold city was just what was needed.

Mornings were spent on the yoga platform followed by afternoons dipping in our plunge pool, soaking in the stunning views of our bay. At night, we were either sleeping on a hammock or paddle boarding out into the sunset. It was a balanced combination of being on our feet, working our muscles, followed by total relaxation. My body has never felt better. My skin suddenly felt better. Plus, I was eating a lot healthier than usual. Think mornings of banana cocoa smoothies and dragonfruit bowls. We would slowly indulge in the occasional Toña beer before dinner. Here, we shot at our Sapote villa…2 suites with an amazing outdoor kitchen and even, an outdoor shower. We had a lot of time to hop between the Aqua Wellness beach and the neighboring Playa Gigante beach, but sometimes, we just really wanted to simply relax on our balcony with a good book. The best part was getting to catch up with old friends that I only get to see once or twice a year. These sorts of getaways are necessary for the mind, body, and soul.

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