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I’m in love with my Fendi Spring ’17 look, straight off the runway. Amazing knitted sock booties with a beautiful flowing dress, and nude bag. Check out the heels on these Fendi bad boys! They’re striped! I threw on some leather leggings, and voila, I made my Fendi Spring ’17 look fully prepped for these cold weeks in NYC. The collection is extra quirky and cheeky. It’s an unexpected take on luxurious neutrals. Do a play on textures in neutral palettes as a way to make a statement this season without having to walk out of the house dressed like a rainbow. But trust me, I do love my rainbows.

But as always, fashion week gets me thinking beyond just the outfits. We’re so “go, go go” that sometimes it’s nice to talk amongst ourselves about how much fashion week is actually changing. Bloggers are taking over the front row, and it’s amazing that our perspectives really do matter. Even in what feels like a saturated space, it’s amazing seeing my OG girls killing it in our industry…from walking the catwalk to taking over backstage. I’m talking about the girls from 2010 who made something out of nothing…creating careers and jobs with longevity that never existed 5 or 10 years ago. It’s exciting to be a huge part of this change and evolving with it. There’s room for everyone in this space. Designers are a lot more selective with how they’re doing their shows, who is going to their shows, and they’ve become a lot more wise on who their customer is thanks to bloggers and social media. Lately, I have been stressing the importance of quality versus quantity. I don’t care if you have a million instagram followers or the best seat at a fashion show. The blogging community is about daring to be you and using your voice to inspire and be inspired through everything you put out there. Even if that means making the world your literal runway for a day.


// Fendi Spring ’17 dress, Fendi handbag, Fendi shoes, Cinq a Sept coat, Zadig et Voltaire leather legging //



With black, it seems like anything really goes. Dress over jeans? No problem. My California diaries continues. Living out of a suitcase sometimes when I’m on the go for work forces you to experiment. Sometimes I’m away from my home in NYC for over 2 weeks! I had this silk dress hanging in my closet, but for hiking through the back streets of my home town, a good pair of western flares was just what I needed. Cuffed at the edges with a crazy metallic statement shoe. My hometown is a little cowboy town. Cactus everywhere. Ranch style homes. Horses living life up behind the hills. It’s a quiet and mellow place. So hot in the summer you have to crank your aircon so high topped off with a sip of iced lemonade. The left side of your arm super tan from driving in the hot, bright sun. Yet, it’s so cold in the winters you’re literally curling up in your wool sweaters with a hot chocolate. But there’s something I love about being so far out…close to the desert. Let’s just say things are always a lot less complicated.


// Ganni silk dress, All Saints jacket, Hudson jeans, Kenneth Cole boots //



There’s something about Marni that I’ve always loved. It’s the prints. It’s the unexpected silhouettes…like this boxy little jacket from the Marni x Yoox collaboration. It’s something you’d find in your grandmother’s closet in Beverly Hills, but with a cool youthful spin. Somehow these tailored little jackets add a touch of glam to every casual look. I took these quirky pieces out to the grassy fields of the valley of Los Angeles. I’m always dressing these dry fields with splashes of color from my wardrobe. I’m always painting the town. These are the hills I’d ride my bike through as a kid. Where I’d lay out and get a tan. Where I’d ride off in my car after going through the local drive-through. It’s the place where you always dream of escaping…to go somewhere bigger and better. If it weren’t for these boring valley streets did I feel such drive, such motivation, and such courage to get myself out there. To create. To live. To love. I take my slight valley gal accent to every city I end up traveling to with pride. Once a Cali girl, always a Cali girl.


// Marni x Yoox jacket, Vintage skirt, DKNY tights, Dr. Marten boots //



The amazing thing about California is getting to live in my lightweight cottons and my silks. I’m all about the way my clothes feel on me. They have to be soft. They have to be luxurious. And they have to move wherever I move. Right now, Dylana and I cannot get enough of everything by Carolina K. Each dress and billowing blouse comes with a free, whimsical air. Each piece, made for a fairytale. Some may describe her clothes as bohemian luxe…which it totally is. But sometimes I feel the word “bohemian” has been overused in the fashion world. I prefer “eclectic, earthy, and real.” Bohemian, to me, is more of a mood. A lifestyle. There are many ways to look at the term “bohemian” but here, it’s more about living and breathing life in it’s most natural, untouched state. Like here, in the stunning seaside of Carmel. Everywhere I turned was like out of a storybook. Trees so tall, I had to squint to see the tips of it’s branches. The air so crisp from last night’s rain. The scent of wood coming from the log cabin’s fireplace. Pure magic. Though I find an off-shoulder white dress to be completely beautiful,  I immediately brought it back down to earth with my favorite pair of punked out Dr. Martens. Leave it to the Suarez Sisters to throw in something completely unexpected with a pretty dress.


// Carolina K white dress //


// Carolina K silk blouse, Zadig et Voltaire scarf, Dr. Marten shoes //

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