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As the storms make their way through New York City, I find myself hitting the gym a lot more. I just want to sweat and move. Equinox is my go-to. I have the all-access pass so that I can travel the world and still feel like I’m working out right at home. It has become a nightly routine for me. I’ll take either a barre or conditioning class mixed with a little freestyle on the cardio machines. I’ll also have those super early mornings with my new personal trainer. It’s so worth setting that early alarm clock for an early wake-up sweat session. What I love about personal training is that I get in a perfect hour session that completely fits my needs and my focus. If there’s a part of my body I feel I need to get stronger (right now it’s my back) we can dedicate a few sessions to just that part of my body. I’m always super busy and my schedule is always changing. It’s nice having someone to plan your week with, introduce you to new moves, and get the job done! Nothing feels better than movement. I can spend all day in my yoga pants. Right now, I have been focusing a lot more intense cardio and core work as opposed to last year, when all I did was toning. I want to create that balance. That feeling of being light on your feet. 30 minutes on a bicycle or elliptical, 10 minutes rowing, 20 minutes weights, and loads of floor work with a medicine ball and that extra 10 minutes of stretching. I just feel overall stronger and healthier. Make some time each day for yourself. What works for me, is switching up your routine, and grabbing a friend. I almost always go to the gym with my boyfriend and sister. Trust me, you’ll feel amazing…and want to whip out those super cute new yoga pants you just splurged on.

Shot at Equinox Dumbo.

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This week, I’ll be playing catch up and going through the ol’ hard drive and finally sharing the UNPUBLISHED. Months fly by when you’re working your booty off and suddenly you wonder where did the time go? I wore that? When? Like they say, it didn’t happen, unless you grammed it. Team Suarez can never have enough content, content, content. Right now, I have too much. Is that even possible? This particular moment brings me back to that really delicious low-key Thai restaurant in Soho and the swish of this lusciously soft leather skirt. I am so over thinking of the cold slush that’s trekking through the snowy city, so let’s take a little break and discuss these amazing embellished sandals. I left them at my home in LA, and this lucky gal is flying back next week. Hellooooo sandal weather. This New Yorker is having major cabin fever and already running out of cute coats. Girl needs out, and fast, even if for only a few days.

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I just rediscovered all of these unpublished photos from my latest trip to St. Maarten and couldn’t help but share them during New York City’s coldest weekend to send a little sunshine your way. Boy, I can’t wait until the return of summer. It was June. Butterflies were zooming by everywhere we turned. The orange blossoms of the Flamboyant trees covered the sidewalks. The water was absolute heaven on earth. The French/Dutch culture gave this island a flare that just oozed chic. I had an incredible time shooting here, meeting it’s people, and becoming one with it’s surroundings. Since Hurricane Irma hit it’s shores, it’s hard to believe that so much of it has been blown away. It may be a while until the island can get back on it’s feet. Though the island has gone through a lot of disaster and sadness in these past few months, there is still so much hope. I believe St. Maarten will come back stronger and more beautiful than ever. For now, all I have are my memories and some of the most beautiful images to grace the blog. I can’t wait to visit again.

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Meet my new vintage YSL blazer…a piece I’ll keep forever. I still have so much excitement for consignment shopping. This is a piece I found on Vestiaire. It was shipped in from Paris, and completely worth hours on the site, digging. I grew up going to estate sales back home in Los Angeles so I know what it’s like to dig, dig, dig for the perfect surprise piece. I really miss it and try to do a weekend route through Beverly Hills and Santa Monica if I’m ever home in Los Angeles. The items I found were incredible, and literally came down to 5 bucks for a killer coat. It’s funny but I think I really did find my style back then when I was younger…shopping on a bargain. I have this thing where I love making something old feel brand new again. Right now, I’m into boyish everything. Oversize trousers. Boxy blazers. Dr. Marten boots. Crew neck sweaters. Anything you would see on an Olsen twin. Pile it on baby. This was shot on a much warmer day back in London. I’m really back home in NYC sprawled out on my couch. We’re having a real SNOW DAY. What does that mean? School’s out. Work’s closed. Meetings have been postponed to tomorrow. I can finally catch up on everything I need via email. There really is something lovely and relaxing about a snow day. This beautiful vintage YSL piece will have to make it’s second appearance on sunnier days.

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