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Et Voila, meet my new Chanel. I saw it in Beverly Hills when I was home in LA, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I officially picked it up on my recent trip to Paris. Because when in Paris: get a Chanel. Gosh, it’s so pretty, I can’t stop looking at it! I’ve already taken it around the world with me and here, in London. It goes with just about everything. London was incredibly cold this past week. All I wanted to do was snuggle up at the hotel, hop from restaurant to cafe, and hit up the sauna and steam room. I didn’t get much sleep this time around either! There was too much to do and see in such a short amount of time and my internal clock certainly wasn’t wanting to adjust. I was back in town with Armani Beauty yet again for another killer photoshoot that I can’t wait to share with you for their new Face Fabric foundation. I spent a lot of time in and around the Rosewood London, our home base for the trip. It’s a new spot in London for me and I absolutely loved it. I stepped out to explore realizing how very Elton John-esque I looked: tiny sunglasses and a look that somehow didn’t match, yet completely matched. How very English of me.

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Ru de la Paix | Paris

The best part of my work travels are the hotels. I like to thoroughly enjoy the room, get a good night’s sleep, and go and out and just get to know the neighborhood. I stumbled across Chanel‘s famous boutique on Rue de Cambon, so you can imagine that I did bring home a little something special for myself. I treated myself to a real Parisian shopping experience and it took no more than 2 seconds. The store was absolutely jam packed with international tourists and there was a long line (sigh). I knew exactly what I wanted. Spotted it on the shelves, chose the color, and was out. This is exactly how I like to shop, fast and easy. More on what’s inside this gorgeous Chanel box coming soon. But back to this insane hotel: I fell in love with the Park Hyatt-Vendôme in Paris. Imagine waking up in a luxurious room of gold, a cool breeze coming in from the two open windows, and the energy of the bustling chic city streets below. It’s exactly what you can expect from being in the heart of the city of love. I could stare out onto Rue de la Paix all day people watching and window shopping. I kept my looks very classic. Throughout my Paris press trip with Armani Beauty, I stuck with my favorite leather pants, metallic blouses, and over-the-top ruffled tunics. Classics with a little twist that can easily be mixed and matched. A velvet stiletto and of course, gorgeous lingerie from Fleur du Mal. The name just rolls of the tongue. Now, it’s time I learn a little bit more French, just in time for Paris Fashion Week.

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Narcisco Rodriguez’s signature scent is musc. It’s warm. It’s rich. It’s inviting. When I put it on, I can’t help but soak up, its velvety and powerful essence. Narciso has always designed for the strong woman. I admire his play on strength versus delicate femininity with his beautiful wide-leg trousers and extra sharp bare-shouldered blouses, floating down his runway. There’s both a darkness and a light softness to everything he touches. It’s an approachable edge that brings out my confidence, and most importantly, it helps bring out my girl boss in every way possible. The fragrance I wear is both powerful and addictive, yet ultra-feminine.  Of all the Narciso Rodriguez NARCISO scents, this one defines me: NARCISO Poudrée. Think extra woody notes of cedar topped off with Bulgarian rose and Jasmine petals. It’s soft and warm with a powdery finish that I absolutely love. It’d be a dream to just soak myself up in a bathtub with it. The collection is all about contrasts. Black versus pink. The ability for a woman to be strong and decisive one minute, and vulnerable, soft, and sexy in another. I feel the modern woman is meant to be complicated…a mix of the unknown of emotions. I feel I am in no way “simple”. In this day and age, a woman can be whoever she desires. It’s just about building the courage to get out there to embrace it. Narciso Rodriguez has turned these emotions and contradicting forces into a delicious fragrance that is empowering and beautiful. Plus, these gorgeous minimal bottles look so effortlessly chic on my marble bathroom countertop. You can’t help but pick them up first thing in the morning. So tell me, which musc are you? 

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I just spent the weekend in LA, and thought it was another short trip, it feels like I never left my sweet city of angels. I love being able to come home for work, and of course, I usually always extend my stay to savor the hot sun by the pool. I’m currently on the flight I know so well, straight from LAX to JFK, just in time for my favorite\ NYFW show of the season, Zimmermann. I can’t wait to show you my look and jump straight back into NYFW craziness. My look for the show happens to be a fun play on this off-shoulder puffed blouse, just a classic midi dress version. This is timeless Zimmermann crop top and trouser that will never go out of style. I wear it so much. I took it out for a simple night on the Santa Monica Pier. This was my playground as a child. Chasing the seagulls, watching the street performers, and eating cotton candy on the dock. California is a dream and though I’m across across the country and found NYC my other home, there’s a part of me that needs the the slowness and ease of California. It’s in my blood.

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