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Growing up, I’ve always had a sweet tooth. With that, I had to really take great care of my teeth and as a kid, my parents made great dental hygiene something super important. I was never allowed to go to bed without flossing and brushing and gargling mouthwash. I quickly learned that if I wanted to grow up with a beautiful smile, it depended on the health of my gums. My teeth tend to be super sensitive, so the products I use are extra important. When I saw that Crest was launching the new Gum Detoxify toothpaste, I jumped at the chance to try it out. Anything with the words gum and detoxify grabbed my attention immediately. You know how you get your deep cleaning at the dentist? Well, this is like a gentle deep cleaning you can get every single time you brush. The Crest Gum Detoxify Deep Clean Toothpaste has a powerful activated foam formula that penetrates deep to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria around the gum line. I also noticed that it helped cool down my gums while and after I brush, making my mouth feel super refreshed. This powerful toothpaste keeps my gums, and therefore my teeth, healthy and beautiful. Anticavity and anti gingivitis is the way I want to be. Right now, my gums feel like they are in their best shape ever. Wherever I go and travel, I keep this magical product in my carry-on at all times. It’s the new year and #ForGumsSake…it’s time to take care of what’s really important – your smile.

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    1. RDH says:

      I am a dental hygienist and there is nothing detoxifying about this product! It is FULL of hazardous toxins that donโ€™t belong on your skin let alone your oral mucosa which is a direct link to your blood stream! Google the ingredients yourself.
      Do your research, stop letting corporations fool you with catch words like detox that sell!

  1. laurie manson says:

    oh wow you are so beautiful , crest go it right to use as a spoken person for such an
    amazing household name products for our teeth.


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