This dress is one I’ll never forget. A beautiful silk pastel yellow Fendi dress, straight off the runway, complete with a black necktie and pearl buttons. A stunner to be exact! I will never forget this gorgeous and sunny little side street in Milan. It certainly felt like out of a movie as I click-clacked down the cobblestone sidewalks and I love revisiting this moment in my head. Though I may be glistening in the hot Italian sun here in on the blog, in reality I’ve actually just landed back in NYC from Paris for yet another work trip. Today has been a very unglamorous Saturday of unboxing packages, doing laundry, and rearranging my home. You know, real life stuff! Dylana is currently in Malaysia with my family so I’m playing catch up for the both of us. I can’t wait until Team Suarez is back together on Monday! I would have been in Kuala Lumpur as well this week, but as usual, work always throws surprises my way and I ended up minimizing my travel schedule this past month so that I wouldn’t be living on an airplane. I’m so used to having curveballs thrown at my schedule. Ever since I’ve been modeling (it’s been over a decade now!) I live with the fact that I never really knew what’s going to happen next. You just go with the flow and adjust accordingly. It’s completely normal for me to make last-minute arrangements and reschedule trips and flights in the nick of time for work. It definitely makes planning a long vacation difficult when I work so much. But that’s the beauty in what I do and I love every bit of it. Every week and every month brings something totally new and exciting when I least expect it. The unexpected is what keeps me on my toes…it keeps me alive.

Fendi dress

Fendi sunglasses

Fendi boots

Fendi pearl bag


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