With my schedule, a pantsuit is just easy. Throw on and go. No thought required. Always smart and extra chic. This one is by my favorite, Anna Sui, straight off the runway. A perfect 70’s inspired cut and in the most nubby and soft fabric that is almost as comfortable as my sweats…almost. This week is a special one. I get to be home in NYC as we creep up on my birthday this Friday. Scorpio babies, Happy Birthday to you! We certainly aren’t your average creature…strong, mysterious, and a bit crazy. Just the way I like it.

In all honesty, I forgot it was my birthday week. My mind has clearly been elsewhere. Team Suarez has been wrapping up numerous video campaigns and photoshoots, that I feel like I haven’t left my editing work station, besides some amazing Halloween festivities over the weekend where I got to deck myself out in Chopard jewels as the night’s Cleopatra at the Amfar + Naked Heart Foundation Fund Fair. I’m talking Paris Hilton, bumper cars, and a special performance by Nas. Only in NYC are there the best parties. With everything combined with my first week of personal training and kickboxing, I did manage to treat myself to an at-home massage for a mid-week pick-me-up. It’s one of those weeks to power through and finish off strong with a few special events and of course a super chill birthday dinner at home with my favorites right here in Dumbo, Brooklyn. Where is my red velvet cake?! With all of work excitement, I like to balance it out with lots of moments and nights spent in. It seems the weeks fly by when you’re busy having fun with the ones you love. I’m soaking in as much of beautiful NYC in November before boarding my next flight.

Anna Sui blazer and pant

Ganni top

By Far boots

Coach handbag



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