You may remember seeing some of these images on my Instagram. I loved this story so much, I had to share it in detail for you here. I had a full day in Laura Mercier’s Ultra Flawless Fusion foundation, testing out what made it so unique and innovative. I was always a girl who only wore concealer on my T-Zone…because who wants to look like they’re wearing a lot of makeup? I found it super lightweight, extra smooth, and easy to use. I had just finished my first bottle of this magical potion-of-a-foundation yesterday, reminding me that it was time to officially NATALIE OFF DUTY it. I have to admit, I’m hooked. Super lightweight for day, yet still gives me a perfected look that has a strong amount of coverage to use on set. Obviously flawless skin starts with amazing skincare and a healthy diet…the secret to any real glow. It’s a lot of work! I started making fresh green juices at home in the mornings, investing in regular facials every month, and finally spending those extra minutes in the steam room post-workout. All of these little things have helped me achieve my skin goals. I try not to rely too much on foundation, but this one blends in so perfectly and lightly that it doesn’t feel or look like you’re wearing anything. It’s certainly time for you to try it. I went from 8 AM pulling looks for a shoot, to 10 AM emails and conference calls, to being out until 6 PM on the run in Manhattan taking appointments. Like most days, I’m back-to-back and keep my beauty routine at it’s minimum. The foundation lasts up to 15 hours! I didn’t reapply once, and that’s exactly how I like to go about my manic Monday.

Laura Mercier’s Ultra Flawless Fusion foundation


Karen Walker orange jacket + Allen Schwartz blue trousers

Rebecca Taylor black twill jumpsuit + Anna Sui x INC white blouse

Topshop white top + 7FAM jeans

Marc Jacobs bag

By Far Boots

Pillows by Homies


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