I am excited to take you down St. Maarten memory lane. It was such an incredible getaway. Just my boyfriend, a 35mm lens, a car, and a whole island to explore in one week. We stayed along Cupecoy Beach…and I rank it by far the best beach on the island. Imagine crystal clear, calm and steady, turquoise water. Gorgeous white butterflies, fluttering their wings everywhere you turn. St. Maarten is part French and part Dutch. We stayed on the beaches of the Dutch side, where we indulged in fresh seafood and hours of swimming under the hot Caribbean sun. I tried snails for the first time..and liked it. Can you believe it? There’s an elegance to the island which I really love. The beaches. The hotels. The restaurants. I can’t wait to show you more. You get a real European summer feel with just a 3.5 hour flight away from NYC.

Here you’ll find this little cove, with it’s stunning white staircase, just steps from my boyfriend’s family home. I called it cliff beach. I’d look at it everyday. The rocks gave off a faded pink/orangish glow depending on the time of day. It felt untouched. So raw. Porto Cupecoy will always stick with me…everything from the food in Grand Case to the majestic winding roads. For our easy days hopping from the ocean into the pool, I kept my wardrobe extra simple, like a classic black triangle bikini, adorned with really decadent jewelry and head scarves. It’s a tiny touch of glamour I gravitate to. May all summers be as romantic, simple, and beautiful as this one has been.

Anine Bing bikini

Zadig et Voltaire silk scarf

Luiny earrings



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