I’m clearly stuck somewhere between summer and fall. A vintage bustier crop top I found in Paris with a brand new 3×1 plaid powersuit. Summer has felt effortless for me. I never had to think about what to wear. I basically lived in bikinis as I have hopped from island to island, and it’s finally time to dig into some pre-fall. My looks have been a combination of seasons because come on, powersuits always look best with a little crop action.

Speaking of seasons, I’m currently at my home in LA after a work press trip in Malibu. I still feel a bit sleepy from all that sun. I’m talking swimming pools over Broad Beach and watching the surfers go out in the early AM. The last of summer is creeping up on us. Malibu is what the Hamptons is to NYC for born-and-bred Angelenos like me. Farm-to-table dishes, gorgeous views of the ocean, and homes you only see in movies. It’s the ultimate getaway that’s simply a good hour drive outside down the PCH. A long weekend back in my old stomping grounds of LA is mentally prepping me for what will be a crazy September. I need this slow pace and fresh air. My wardrobe is between summer and fall, as is my mindset. Right now, I feel my emails are piled so high, I have to squint just looking at my upcoming schedule. Is it really that time of year to store away my salty bikinis and over-worn sandals? My straw hats are already fraying at the edges, dried from the sun. My journal is compiled of lists of “to-dos” and checklists for the weeks to come. September is fashion month. Now a veteran, I’ve learned to pick and choose my schedule, slowly easing into a jam-packed schedule. That pressure of being everywhere-all-the-time has faded through the years. I feel I’ve finally managed to use my time wisely. Live in the moment. Balance. Still squeeze in a little me time. Oh, and I just booked a mid-fashion month flight to Mexico City! I’ve had this sudden urge to revisit my heritage, visit a place with so much color and life…a population larger than my other home of NYC. The heartbeat of a new place, bigger than even NYC, always brings me a spring in my step. Let’s do this, September.

3×1 top/jacket

3×1 pant

Vintage top

Loeffler Randall sandals

Gigi Barcelona sunglasses 

Sabrina SL eye stud earring and hoop ear cuff



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