The Lavender Farm in Maui was perched high up on the hill in the middle of the island. On a morning so foggy, you could only see clouds rolling out into the ocean below. Peaceful. I couldn’t wait to awake my senses as scent and fragrances are some of my favorite things to discover. My powder room has a whole shelf dedicated to perfumes from around the world, lavender being something I love to lather on my body before bed. It’s a scent that just makes me melt. Lucky for us, the lavender fields were in bloom….they smelled so fresh and delicate. I wanted to pluck the whole garden and take it home with me! It’s a soft, feminine, yet so powerful scent. One to pluck and stick in a book to dry up to keep forever.

Besides rows and rows of fresh lavender, there was so much to stop and look at. Pathways leading to gardens buzzing with bumble bees, a row of chicken coops, and pockets of flowers I’ve never heard of or seen before. I felt like Anne of Green Gables…looking for secret gardens and making friends with the exotic birds. I put on my favorite and most elegant white trousers topped off with a classic white cotton blouse. During my stay in Maui, I stuck with light and airy fabrics, and of course, every traveller’s must-have: a good hat. I’ve travelled the world with this hat. It’s crinkled edges, and burnt color will always remind me of summer 2017. It’s gotten stuck in wind tunnels, washed ashore on the black sand beaches, and flew off my head about 10 times whenever I get close to the ocean. Even when I’m running after my hat inside the fields, it actually takes me to magical places….with something new to discover every which way I turn.

Lack of Color hat

Banana Republic blouse

Elizabeth & James pants

Zeus + Dione sandals




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