I was never one to shy away from color. The more vibrant, the better. And nope, this isn’t a dress. Simply a skirt and one of my favorite crop tops, sashaying through the tree-lined sidewalks of Bryant Park. The colors here are a mix of Brazil meets All-Americana. Stripes and abstract shapes that blend perfectly with the strong color, red. Pretty unexpected huh? Being back in NYC, and gearing up for September NYFW, always gets me thinking: “how did summer go by so fast?”

It seems like only yesterday that I was pulling a suitcase through the Bonnaroo campgrounds under the Tennessee sun, welcoming a summer of wonder and adventure. I can close my eyes, and feel the balmy air of Maui warming up my skin. It’s almost like I can still taste the saltwater of St. Maarten’s beautiful beaches with the sand massaging in between my toes. I wake up, and think I’m back in my home in California. I never want to let go of that feeling, these memories of waking up in a new place. So much nostalgia, and more to come, as my mind revisits the most simply beautiful parts of life. It may be September, but summer isn’t over. I won’t let it be over. Summer’s in the city are the absolute best, and I feel I didn’t get much of a summer in the city this year. I was on a plane every other week. I’m ready to take advantage of eating dinner outside on Elizabeth Street, feeling the bustle on the sidewalks and it’s people. I’m ready to walk the Brooklyn Bridge for the first time in years. I’m ready to sit one more time on my rooftop lounge chairs and stare out into the twinkling Manhattan skyline, breathing in one last summer breath. I’m surprisingly even ready for all the lights, cameras, and action of NYFW. Because baby, it’s showtime, and NYC has a lot to show off with. You ready?

Milly top

Tommy Hilfiger skirt

AGL shoes

Gigi Barcelona sunglasses



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